Saffron & Sage, a San Diego based holistic health club, announced today the launch of its proprietary, all-natural skincare line. Backed by scientific studies and comprised of organic ingredients, the clinical-grade skincare line is made with plant-based vitamins, minerals and actives for bio-available skin nutrition. The exclusive collection was created by Dr. Salar Parvini and is available online at and exclusively at Saffron & Sage’s Little Italy location.

For Saffron & Sage Founder Cristin Smith, who suffered from severe cystic acne growing up, the Saffron & Sage skincare line is a natural extension of the clinic’s holistic health offerings and the fulfillment of Smith’s long-held vision to provide clean, integrative and effective skincare into Saffron & Sage’s portfolio.

“Clean beauty was a dream of mine since I was in high school and now is coming full circle through Saffron & Sage,” says Smith. “I wanted to provide a space where those suffering with skin conditions could meet with nutritionists and estheticians to discover the root cause without unnecessary drugs and chemicals and experience tangible results. Being able to offer a simple yet effective line of skincare products that nourish and heal was an essential component to finding a solution.Together, we have created a clinical-grade skincare collection that is 100% clean, nutrient dense and provides skin with the daily essentials for healthy and radiant skin.”

The full product line includes:

  • PURIFY hypoallergenic oil cleanser: Formulated with squalane and vitamins C and E, PURIFY effectively removes oil, waterproof makeup and environmental pollutants while calming and enriching the skin ($48, 3.4 oz).
  • CLARIFY hypoallergenic gel cleanser: Crafted with an aloe vera juice base, hyaluronic acid, radish root and squalane oil, CLARIFY deeply cleanses the skin without over drying ($48, 3.4 oz).
  • NOURISH hydrating and firming serum: NOURISH contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid and vitamins B3, B5 and C to firm, smooth and plump skin and promote healthy collagen production ($88, 2.0 oz).
  • RESTORE pH & oil balancing moisturizer: Formulated with sea kelp and hyaluronic acid along with vitamins and minerals designed to regulate skin pH and oil levels, RESTORE helps to brighten, tone and soften the skin ($68, 2.0 oz).
  • GLOW finishing oil: GLOW features a high concentration of omega fatty acids, Vitamins C & E, squalane and age defying CoQ10 to give skin a radiant, youthful glow ($48, 2.0 oz).

For those who would like to try the entire regimen, Saffron & Sage also offers the RITUAL 28-day skincare set that includes all five products in 1.0 oz bottles ($150).

To bring the Saffron & Sage skincare line to life, Smith turned to Dr. Salar Parvini, Saffron & Sage’s new Chief Science Officer. Dr. Parvini shares a similar past, in that he developed severe facial psoriasis during his chiropractic career. He then turned to his background in biochemistry to research and develop natural skincare products that helped him recover from his skin disorder.

“When it came to selecting skincare that was clean and chemical-free, there wasn’t anything on the market that was centered around facial nutrition, let alone supported by science,” said Parvini. “When we formulated our products, we focused on three things: safety, efficacy and bio-availability. Bioavailability refers to the way the product is delivered to the correct cells or structures within the skin undamaged. It’s not always about the percentage of active ingredients that are in a product, it’s how well the active ingredient travels to where it needs to go in the skin without it being broken down.”

Saffron & Sage also applies its current wellness concierge model to the new product line, offering complimentary skincare consultations to clients. In these private sessions, Dr. Parvini sits down with the client to discuss their skin and overall health, then provides a recommendation of products to best fit their individual needs. For those not located in San Diego, Parvini is available to book virtual consultations through digital resources like Zoom.

You can see the full product line at or on Instagram at @saffronandsageskin.  For more information about Saffron & Sage and its services, visit