NuMedii, Inc. have announced the formation of a research alliance with Allergan to explore new therapeutic options for the potential treatment of psoriasis. The companies will use NuMedii’s predictive Big Data intelligence platform technology, which enables the discovery of new uses for medicines across a number of therapeutic areas. NuMedii has already generated multiple lead compounds/candidates by using its data intelligence technology for psoriasis, which will be the focus of the research alliance with Allergan.

Under the terms of the agreement governing the research alliance, NuMedii will provide Allergan with proprietary, de-risked therapeutic candidates for psoriasis that are compatible with the 505b2 drug development regulatory pathway. NuMedii and Allergan may select and evaluate lead candidates in proof-of-concept disease models for potential further development.

‘We are excited to partner with Allergan to explore innovative treatments for the potential treatment of psoriasis,’ stated Gini Deshpande, Ph.D., chief executive officer, NuMedii, Inc. ‘As a world-class company in the field of medical dermatology, Allergan is an ideal research partner for NuMedii’s psoriasis program.’

NuMedii’s proprietary and dynamic Big Data technology consists of hundreds of millions of human, biological, pharmacological and clinical data points that NuMedii has normalized and annotated. NuMedii integrates these data with proprietary network-based algorithms to find both drug candidates and biomarkers predictive of efficacy for diseases. NuMedii is initially using its Big Data technology to discover and de-risk new indications for safe, existing drugs.