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Private equity in aesthetics a new market model for physicians

Private practice is in decline. The benefits of setting up on your own very often do not outweigh the costs, and many established physicians are now looking for partners to help them reach their life goals. Rosalind Hill spoke to physicians who’ve sold their practices to understand more about the motivations behind the decision and to industry experts about what it means for the future of aesthetics

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Antioxidants in sunscreens

Charlene DeHaven, MD explores the use of antioxidants in sunscreens to provide additional protection against non-UVA/B environmental aggressors The need for broad-spectrum photoprotection against UVA and UVB damage for risk...

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The theories of ageing

Duncan Carmichael, MD explores how our understanding of ageing has shifted over the years and impacted the ways we combat the process I find it difficult to enjoy a social...

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