Due to the overwhelming demand following the record sell-out of places on the first OFAA for BACN cadaver training course, created specifically for the BACN, which ran on the 17th February 2018, OFAA has confirmed a new course exclusively for the BACN which will run on the 27th October 2018 at Kings College London.

‘This course is focused on improving safety for the attendees as injectors and examines the layers of the face, vascular dissection, muscular dissection, the scull, osteology of the scull, where the foramina is as well as upper face, mid face and lower face and neck dissection.’ Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai, OFAA founder

Post-event news and round-up for the first BACN OFAA training academy

On Saturday 17th February 2018, oculoplastic surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai ran a course advising on the Facial Anatomy: Cadaveric Dissection Course. Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai (MS, FRCS), one of UK’s leading Oculoplastic Surgeons specialising in surgical and non-surgical peri-orbital rejuvenation. She is an advanced trainer for Galderma and has developed “Eye-Boost” a bespoke tear trough rejuvenation treatment.

Objectives of course:

  • Introduction to facial structures & Osteology of the face.
  • Upper Face – Dissection to include forehead, glabellar area, upper eyelid and temple
  • Mid Face – Dissection to include identification of fat pads, nerves, facial artery, muscles of mid-face, nose anatomy and lower eyelid.
  • Lower Face – Dissection to include identification of jowls to identify platysma, depressor anguli oris, depressor labii inferioris, mental nerve and lip anatomy.
  • Demo with injection of methylene dyed filler & dissection to discuss planes of injection

Course Director:

Mrs Sabrina Shah Desai (MC, FRCS)

One of the UK’s leading Oculoplastic Surgeons specializing in cadaver training for non-surgical facial rejuvenation who is an advanced trainer for Galderma.


“Amazing day training. This is a must course for anyone in Aesthetics. Comprehensive review of anatomy and keeping the patients safe. It has been the best course I have ever attended and exceeded all expectations. Thank you.” Clare Amrani

“Thank you very much for your time and sharing your expertise. You all were very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Great learning environment and I look forward to doing more courses.”  Carly Pearce

“Exceeded all expectations! A must for every aesthetic practitioner. Thank you so much to the faculty for sharing your skills and knowledge.” Amanda Hawkins

“Amazing, thankyou so much. A wealth of knowledge shared today.” Annie Coles

“Thank you so much for todays training it was amazing.” Rebecca Gledhill

“This training is an absolute must for all aesthetic practitioners. It provides a thorough overview of facial anatomy. I was able to see each level and appreciate the anatomical landmarks in relation to the treatment I give. The faculty are so helpful and allow time for questions and answers. The course is well lead and definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks Sabrina and team it was a fantastic day.”  Rebecca Bloor

“I attended the cadaveric dissection course held at Coventry University Hospital yesterday and it was such a well organised course which is an essential for any aesthetic practitioner wanting to be a safe injector. The knowledge base is amazing from all the faculty and everyone involved in the day were such good hosts and answered everyone’s questions and gave as many practical examples as possible in the latter part of the day. I feel really privileged to have taken part in this course so early on in my aesthetics career. Excellent course and highly recommended.”  Rebecca Gledhill