Plasmage® by the Italian manufacturer Brera Medical Technologies is the leading plasma device on the market covering more than 45 countries including demanding countries like Russia and Brazil where the registration is strict in terms of quality and certification.

Compact, easy to handle and with a user friendly interface. Developed to treat safely delicate areas like the upper and lower eyelid, where lasers and radio surgical units have limits. Plasmage® sublimates tissues without side effects on the skin. It is the only tool to perform such treatments with quick and lasting results.

Plasmage® is a class IIb medical device for minimally invasive micro surgery. It is a perfect tool to be used on many aesthetic and dermatological protocols like: eyelid rejuvenation, blefaroplasma® , wrinkles, xanthelasma, scars and many other benign lesions.

The Fractional plasma ®, patented by BRERA MEDICAL, allows patients to be treated quickly with the advantage of having less down time than surgery as well as being less aggressive than other plasma based devices. The fractionation of the plasma limits the depth of the vaporization of the skin and allow it to have a thermal relaxation time. Plasmage® provides 30 possible combinations of plasma output on the skin from the most gentle power to the most ablative mode. Thanks to this wide range of modulations, the physician can adapt the settings to some specific protocols to obtain the best precision and the highest level of safety for the patient.

In addition to the great technology, Plasmage®  has a very light and ergonomic handpiece to perform precise treatments.

Brera Medical is the only Plasma manufacturer providing education during IMCAS and AMWC conferences though lectures and symposiums.

PLASMAGE Symposium by Brera Medical Technologies, Silver Sponsor during IMCAS Paris on Friday 31 January, room 143 at 3PM. Booth number N206 level 2

“We use the Plasmage system here at Eudelo ( and love not only the results, but also the ability to tailor the treatment parameters with the Plasmage device. Non-surgical upper plasma blephs and gentle plasma energy peels are very popular with our patients.” 
Dr Stefanie Williams, 
Dermatologist and Medical Director at Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing (

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