The international cosmetics industry has experienced a rapid rise in recent years, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounted for a striking 39 percent share of global market growth last year. New technologies are influencing marketing and consumer appetite as never before, and the latest trends are appearing quickly and decisively. Set against this important background, Duxes will host the 1st Beauty Care Asia Pacific Summit (BCAP) from March 2-4, 2020 in Shanghai, China.

This groundbreaking summit will gather representatives of leading industry associations, cosmetics brands, manufacturers, retailers, market analysts and scientific researchers to cover the latest industry and regulatory conditions in the Asia-Pacific region. The speakers will also address such topics as social media marketing strategies, ingredients and product formulations, opportunities in the organic beauty care market, online and offline retail integration, as well as the growth of niche beauty and how to leverage new platforms with smart digital strategies.

The 1st Beauty Care Asia Pacific Summit (BCAP) is Duxes’ debut event tackling the beauty market in the region, but follows a series of several events covering the health food and wellness sectors in China, and across Asia, which have been acclaimed for their thorough content and interactive format. Professionals and entrepreneurs working in retail, branding, manufacturing and related fields, are welcome to attend.

Without a doubt, this summit will offer delegates a platform to gain a better understanding of the market through well-organized communication and networking activities. The Beauty Care Asia Pacific Summit 2020 (BCAP) will provide a platform for policymakers, marketing professionals, and representatives of leading brands, cosmetics companies, and researchers, to share knowledge on the booming beauty sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

What you will learn (highlights)

  • Status, trends, and regulatory developments for the beauty industry
  • Analysis of the obstacles and opportunities available regarding the latest regulations
  • Expert case studies on approaches to sustainable development
  • Exploring the evolution of consumer behavior, consciousness, and consumer groups
  • Revealing the consumption potential of men’s category products
  • Establishing connections between consumer loyalty and omnichannel marketing
  • Methods for integrating online and offline models in marketing in the digital era
  • Evaluating the possibility for CBD in niche markets such as K-beauty
  • Constructing a premium platform for seamless information exchange and networking

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