Combination of innovative aesthetic technology and proven patient marketing increases revenue from repeat business and reduces equipment payoff time

eRelevance Corporation, the leading tech-powered marketing automation service for small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs), today announced results of a first-of-its-kind partnership with BTL Aesthetics. The results demonstrate measurable, significant and unique benefits to medical practices.

Data collected over a year-long period show practices using the eRelevance patient marketing service to promote BTL Aesthetics procedures pay off their devices in less than six months. The average payoff time for BTL practices not using the eRelevance service is nine months.

“The results of our partnership with BTL clearly show that when a practice is equipped with marketing experts leveraging sophisticated technology, they can quickly pay off their capital investment and generate more repeat business from existing patients,” says eRelevance CEO and Co-founder Bob Fabbio.

When aesthetic practices consider the purchase of expensive capital equipment, they have concerns about how they will market their new services, produce consistent revenue and recover the cost of investment.  These concerns often prevent practices from purchasing.

Through this partnership, BTL Aesthetics is differentiating itself from other device manufacturers by providing the necessary marketing support for a quick return on investment (ROI).  BTL Aesthetics offers practices options for its equipment bundled with the eRelevance service, as well as free trials and preferred pricing.

The eRelevance service targets and engages patients across multiple digital channels with custom campaigns tailored to the practice.  The campaigns stimulate interest, increase the lifetime value of patients and drive quicker ROI—all while reducing the staff’s marketing workload.

With eRelevance, BTL Aesthetics customers are paying off their devices in less than six months and generating an average of:

  • $16,366 in additional monthly revenue;
  • 19 more consultation requests per month; and
  • 20x ROI

“Through our partnership with eRelevance, we’re going beyond offering state-of-the-art devices for the most advanced treatments,” says John Ferris of BTL Aesthetics. “We’re significantly improving the way we drive new revenue for customers and strengthening our relationships with those customers.  As a result, we’ve established a major advantage in a highly competitive market.”


In January, eRelevance launched its new innovative and exclusive partnership program, which is changing the way aesthetic device manufacturers drive revenue and rapid ROI; strengthen relationships with medical practices; and dominate markets.  The eRelevance partner program includes a multi-level offering, from service bundles, special pricing and components tailored to each partner.

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance’s marketing automation service leverages marketing experts and sophisticated proprietary technology to help SMBs generate more repeatbusiness from customers.  Its expert marketing, done by marketing experts, is faster, more effective and priced right compared to alternatives. On average, eRelevance generates 16x the ROI potential per month for its customers.

About BTL Aesthetics

Founded in 1993, BTL has grown to become one of the world’s major manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment. With over 1,100 employees located in more than 53 countries, BTL has revolutionized the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening & other medical aesthetic treatments. BTL Aesthetics’ brands include BTL Vanquish ME, BTL Exilis ULTRA, and BTL Cellutone. Additional information can be found at