Croma Pharma’s threadz® aims to increase efficacy and patient satisfaction 

CROMA PHARMA GMBH strives for innovation in order to maximize its customers’ and patients’ well-being. Therefore Croma proudly introduces threadz® — the outstanding newcomer in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. threadz® is one of the first PDO sutures for tissue elevation that have been registered according to the existing Medical Device Law. The safety and efficacy performance of the product has been verified during the successful conformity assessment procedure, allowing Croma to offer threadz® for minimally invasive tissue elevation. threadz® is the result of a long and comprehensive development process embracing science, knowledge, and expertise.

Croma is committed to high quality standards, thus threadz® are produced by a U.S. manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, trusted for its quality in development and production of surgical devices. Croma designed threadz® in close collaboration with experienced healthcare professionals and optimized the product according to their needs and requirements to increase efficacy and patients´ satisfaction. The new product is available in 3 subtypes: 

  • threadz® plain (CE 0120) — unmodified monofilament housed on needle for delicate fixation of the thin skin in some areas 
  • threadz® screw (CE 0120) — spiral configuration of the suture housed on needle for better fixation in the tissues 
  • threadz® barbed (CE 0120) — sutures with bi-directional helically 3D oriented barbs, housed either on needle or cannula for stronger repositioning effect. 

To offer the optimal freedom of choice, these subtypes are available in different sizes. Doctors can choose the most appropriate suture for different anatomical zones and address individual patients’ needs in a best possible way. Croma is proud of its wide portfolio of PDO sutures for minimally invasive skin elevation. Additionally to the newly released threadz® range, Croma still offers its most popular product of Princess® Threads line: Princess® Threads Barb II Anchor — with ‘cold pressed & sculptured’ arrow shaped cogs for ultimate elevation effect. 

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