TSK has achieved to produce a needle 33% thinner than a 30G needle and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle.

TSK Laboratory launches THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™. It is the first needle of its kind and the thinnest needle available to date. Technology advancements have made it possible to make this needle 33% thinner than a 30G needle (used for insulin syringes) and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle. This extremely small diameter of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ results in a mere painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections. One of the biggest fears patients have when it comes to BoNT injections is a painful needle injection, but THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ will relieve this fear and greatly improve the overall patient experience.

TIN-low-dead-space-hubTHE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ will be available in 9mm and will have the patented Low Dead Space (LDS) Hub. The LDS hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero. This new patented LDS hub design results in savings of up to 0.08ml which leads to significant cost savings when injecting high cost drugs, such as botulinum toxin.

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