TEOXANE Laboratories has always been at the forefront of innovations in the global aesthetics industry. Their uber popular TEOSYAL® PEN is the first motorized, cordless hyaluronic acid injection system and it’s taking filler injections to a new level.

Facial injectables rank as a major profit center in most aesthetic clinics globally. Since the 1980s, this expanding category of non-invasive treatments has transformed the industry worldwide, and they have emerged as a gateway for patients to request other procedures. HA fillers in particular are considered safe, effective, well tolerated, can be done at a lower cost, and deliver higher patient satisfaction than many other treatments.

In today’s increasing crowded aesthetic market, practitioners need to strive to find ways to stand out from the competition. The best path to distinguish your clinic is by delivering 5-star customer service and through differentiation. With that in mind, many practitioners are on the hunt for new technology to enhance the clinic experience and offer something unique to patients.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.35.58Achieving a natural result, managing side-effects and minimizing discomfort are the most important criteria for patients considering filler injections. These issues can present barriers for patients to take the plunge or return to aesthetic clinics after their first experience with injections. Striving to continually reach out to new patients and learning how to ensure patient loyalty are important objectives for aesthetic clinics today.

Enter the TEOSYAL® PEN launched in 2015, which allows practitioners to bring HA filler injections to a new level of expertise. This easy-to-use device provides both advanced and new injectors a more precise way to perform facial injections.

It offers patients a more comfortable and smoother experience, especially in the most difficult and sensitive areas, such as fine wrinkles, tear troughs, perioral area, and the lips. With the TEOSYAL® PEN, the injector can fully concentrate on placing the filler, while the device delivers the gel at the desired speed and more continuous flow compared to manual techniques. The device is lightweight, has a sleek and attractive design, and both needles and cannulas can be attached to it.

The TEOSYAL® PEN fills an important niche as a useful tool for both new injectors, as well as advanced practitioners who inject a lot of filler. It does not take away the artistry of HA fillers; the result is still very much dependent on the aesthetic eye of the injecting physician. Lastly, the marketing value of this system is a big plus for any aesthetic clinic.

Why suffer in the name of beauty?

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.35.46According to Dr. Kieren Bong,  cosmetic doctor in Glasgow. ‘The TEOSYAL® PEN can be used anywhere in the face, although it is especially valuable for the delicate areas around the mouth and eyes where precise and homogeneous flow of dermal filler are crucial for a natural and effective correction. My patients love it.’

To support clinics, TEOXANE Laboratories launched a consumer marketing campaign to demonstrate the advantages of the TEOSYAL® PEN (teosyalpen.com). The site includes a Clinic Finder (upon availability) so patients can locate a practitioner nearby who uses the system.

For more information, visit: teosyalpen.com