Singapore-based biotech company CellResearch Corporation is proud to announce two educational presentations on their breakthrough stem-cell based cosmeceutical range taking place at the FACE Conference, London (14-16th June 2018).

The back-to-back presentations will be delivered by renowned plastic surgeon Mr. Ivor Lim – founding director of CellResearch Corporation and one of the lead researchers into the development and commercialisation of umbilical cord lining stem cells, alongside Mr Paul Banwell – renowned UK consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

Delegates will hear first-hand about the patented cord-lining stem cell (CLSC) technology and how the advanced wound-healing attributes have been carried across from medical uses to cosmeceutical skincare. Mr Banwell will then outline the cosmetic applications of the CALECIM® Professional skincare range, alongside his own clinical experience and observations.

Designed as a perfect adjunct to in-clinic procedures as well as an ongoing homecare regimen, the CALECIM® system promotes rapid healing, skin regeneration and enhanced skin condition. It has been rapidly adopted by many aesthetic practices in Singapore, Asia and the United States, thanks to the extraordinary efficacy and proven clinical results in targeting the symptoms of ageing skin.


  • Saturday 16th June 050 -10.10 – Umbilical Stem Cell Technology in the Aesthetics of Skin: How Stem Cells Work (Dr. Ivor Lim)
  • Saturday 16th June 10-10.30 – Umbilical Stem Cell Technology in the Aesthetics of Skin: Cosmetic Applications (Mr. Paul Banwell)