Alfred MARCHAL joins ALPHASCIENCE as Chief Research Officer to take over all Alphascience research and development projects.

He will run and develop the new Alphascience R&D center to work on fundamental innovations, such as new active ingredients, new delivery systems and medical professional treatments.

Thanks to Alfred MARCHAL’s medical and scientific network, new international studies will be conducted to strenghten Alphascience innovation. With his experience, Alphascience will be able to develop breakthrough innovative anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments for its worldwide clients.

ALFRED MARCHAL: a brilliant scientist and inventor

Alfred MARCHAL, PhD in organic chemistry, is an internationally recognized antioxidants and aesthetic medicine expert. He has a 35-year academic experience in R&D for pharmaceutical organic synthesis and phytopharmaceuticals. He has also developed worldwide best sellers such as the Flavo-C antioxidant formula.

He is board member in pharmaceutical companies and speaker at aesthetic congresses such as IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco, Face Cannes and expert in aesthetic medical universities.

He is author of many scientific papers and the following patents in particular on vitamin C, vitamin K and hyaluronic acid:

– 2000: Stabilization of pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) with antioxidants
– 2003: Specific delivery system for vitamin K to treat bruises and redness (US patent 20030170187A1)
– 2005: Discovery of vitamin K1 oxide (worldwide patent 2004064798A1)
– 2006: Synthesis and stabilization of sulforaphane (worldwide patent 2012010644A1 and US patent 9254331B2)
– 2011: Innovative composition of hyaluronic acid for skin aging and dermatological applications (patent BE1020210A3)
– 2013: Integration and stabilization of L-ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) in hyaluronic filler (patent BE1020210A3)

ALPHASCIENCE: innovative French company dedicated to anti-aging and aesthetic treatments

Founded by Julien REVOL (L’Oréal, Teoxane) and developed with a team of scientists and physicians, Alphascience is the fruit of a long-standing experience in anti-aging treatments.

Driven by innovation, Alphascience developed the best worldwide technology to stabilize potent antioxidants, including in very hot conditions.

Alphascience also discovered new ingredients, such as tannic acid and Lglutamine with oustanding anti-aging properties The brand is distributed through a selective model by clinics, doctors, pharmacies, medi-spas and only in e-shop.

Since its launch in September 2016, Alphascience is present in 20 countries in Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary, UK, Poland, Italy, Greece, Baltic countries) and worldwide (Mexico, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong-Kong, United Arab Emirates and Tunisa) and is very much appreciated for its high efficiency on the visible signs of aging.