GetHarley, the skincare platform designed to make selling skincare easy for practitioners, whilst driving repeat purchases and providing a premium, personalised experience for each patient; has teamed up with Meder Beauty – the inclusive skincare line for a healthy microbiome developed by dermatologist and formulator Dr Tiina Meder. 

Meder Beauty fuses effective ingredients, both outsourced from nature and created in a lab – the cutting-edge of biotechnology. Products include plant-based stem cells and growth factors, organic plant, algae and fungi extracts from all over the world, the very latest peptides, natural oils, prebiotics and probiotics. All formulations are suitable for women throughout pregnancy and nursing and products belong to distinct ranges – Red Apax for redness, Hydra-Fill for hydration, Lipo Oval for facial slimming and more. Meder Beauty also has some stand-out heroes – Myo Fix – wrinkle relaxing peptide cream, Circa-Night Cream that works with our circadian rhythms to rejuvenate skin and the award-winning Vita-Long Oil – the very first epigenetic anti-ageing oil.

“We are thrilled to now be selling Meder Beauty through GetHarley as the platform houses the best skin professionals who are so knowledgeable about skin. After training with us we trust them to recommend the best Meder products to their patients via the GetHarley platform and we are so comfortable that our brand is presented to customers in the most premium way, and that those customers are looked after well, and suitably replenished.”

Dr. Tiina Meder

Founder of Meder Beauty

-notes to editors-

GetHarley is a digital platform that enables and empowers practitioners to sell skincare and supplements and manages repeat sales. The platform allows professionals to set up and run in-clinic and online consultations and sell product regimes via the platform. Each practitioner has their own unique digital shelf of their own chosen products. The products are bought and sold directly to the customers of each practitioner and delivered to their door in an eco-friendly, personalised box with a handwritten note signed off by the practitioner. GetHarley continues to sell to the customers when they run low on their first box of products, without any additional effort from the practitioner. The practitioner gets the lion share of the profit and has the opportunity to sell regimes to their customers over and over again with no incremental effort. This means increased revenue for the practitioner and very happy customers who do not have to leave home to get expert advice and clinical-grade products.

  • 70% of patients put on the GetHarley platform purchase skincare regimes
  • 80% of these patients repurchase through the platform
  • The average first purchase sale on GetHarley is £200
  • The average repurchase sale is also £200
  • 40% of those who try a product sample included in the box will purchase the full-sized version