IBSA Derma presents Aliaxin® LV – Lips Volume, a new treatment formulated to enhance lips. Thanks to its specific optimal viscosity, Aliaxin® LV is indicated for harmonious lip volumisation.

IBSA Derma’s innovation and Aliaxin®’s cross-linking technology represent an invaluable solution for aesthetic doctors wishing to attain increasingly specific and high-quality results, as well as respond to progressively sophisticated needs, addressing the demands of an evolving market that consists of a growing percentage of younger generations. Aliaxin® LV is one of the treatments used in the innovative MYVolution® approach, aimed at enhancing every individual’s authentic beauty by turning the 2D image we post on social networks into our genuine and real 3D one.

In the digital age, and in that of Instagram filters, patients seek to show others the better version of themselves and MYVolution® approach provides the solution to this demand. The first step consists in identifying the patient’s facial shape which can be triangular, round or rectangular. Each shape presents different zones of shadows and light, corresponding to specific areas identified by 3 letters: M-Y-V. By modifying volumes in these areas, light and shadows become more defined. MYVolution® enhances authentic beauty by using a minimum amount of hyaluronic acid.

The benefits of Aliaxin® treatments

ALIAXIN® is designed for the restoration
of skin volume, redefining contour and filling wrinkles and skin depressions. The fundamental elements that characterise the product are tissue integration, the multiple combinations of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, high cohesivity and the purity of the hyaluronic acid.

The cross-linking technology behind ALIAXIN® makes it possible to act on the physical parameters ofthe process, minimising the use, and consequently the free residual presence, of BDDE in the final formulation. The combination of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights allows to optimise covalent bond formation during cross-linking while supporting the skin’s normal physiological functions.

In vitro results show the extent to which the high cohesivity of ALIAXIN® gels allows for their optimal integration, especially if compared to other fillers, reducing trauma and structural tissue alterations for a more long-lasting result aimed at minimizing inflammatory reactions*.

Aliaxin® LV

Molecular weights of HA: 1000 kDa, 2000 kDa
Cross-linked HA concentration: 25 mg/ml    
2 pre-filled 1 ml
Needles: 2 needles 27G x 13mm + 2 needles 27G x 19mm
Rheological Values:
Flow 0,21
Lift 107 (Pa)
Sculpt 0,15

* V. Freli, P. Pescio: Evaluation of local tolerability and increase of elastic fibres and collagen following intracutaneous injection of three injectable fillers. Acta Biomed 2013; 84; Quaderno 2.

** Cohesivity: measures the force of interaction between gel particles; closely related to tissue integration.

Flow (tanδ): measures a gel’s flow properties, the ratio of the viscous to the elastic modulus;

Lift (G’): measures a gel’s elastic modulus; closely related to its rigidity and ability to fill space and create volume.

Sculpt/Plasticity (γ): measures a gel’s deformability and pliability properties; closely related to its ability to be modelled.

IBSA Derma’s expertise with hyaluronic acid

Aliaxin® treatments have been developed based on the Hydrolift® Action concept, with the expression of the synergic action determined by using selected hyaluronic acids produced with patented technologies which, when administered in combination, are ideally suited to prevent and address the process of ageing, restoring hydration, elasticity and tone.

IBSA’s hyaluronic acid is an ultrapure grade HA, produced through a patented biofermentation process, ranking worldwide in the “TOP HIGH QUALITY” range for its purity and safety.