1.  IBSA Group

IBSA, Institut Biochimique SA, is a pharmaceutical company founded in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1945. It operates in over 80 countries and 5 continents, has 20 subsidiaries located in Europe, China and the United States. It employs 2,000 people distributed among headquarter, subsidiaries and manufacturing plants and has a consolidated turnover of 700 million francs.

17 million vials of hormones, 300 million soft capsules, 64 million packages of finished products per year and 82 families of patents and others under development: this is IBSA’s production capacity and commitment to research. The company is also one of the four major players worldwide in ​​Reproductive Medicine and one of the world leaders in offering hyaluronic acid-based products.

From the Lugano headquarters it branches off a network of production plants and Research and Development laboratories, covering the entire Canton of Ticino, with a company population of 710 employees, 400 of which are employed in production and 310 in collateral activities.

IBSA operates today in 10 main therapeutic fields:

2.  IBSA Derma: a story between know-how and intuition

IBSA Derma is the division of IBSA dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine, and as a company it ranks among the global leaders in hyaluronic acid products.

But how did the idea of creating a division dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine come about? As told by Giorgio Pisani – Vice-President Southern Europe Gruppo IBSA SA:

The division was born in 2005 and, as it often happens with the best ideas, it was not the result of boardroom thinking but came about through an intuitive insight in fortuitous circumstances. A conversation with a medical friend, who was well acquainted with the company’s expertise in the use of intra-articular hyaluronic acid, struck a spark regarding a possible further use of hyaluronic acid in Aesthetic Medicine. This is how IBSA Derma was born: we applied our know-how on the development of medical devices with hyaluronic acid to the dermatological field, transferring our commitment and therapeutic vision to the pharmaceutical approach in the field of Aesthetic Medicine”.

IBSA’s research and development activities are focused on cutting-edge technologies, developing innovative delivery systems that are more functional to the real needs of doctors and patients. In terms of Aesthetic Medicine, IBSA has developed an innovative therapeutic approach which is based on patented technology and distinct product quality. As explained by Tania Pirazzini – Head of Dermoesthetic Business Unit:

The IBSA Derma division offers a complete range of products, based upon the concept of Hydrolift® Action: a new approach with the aim of counteracting the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid (HA) present in the skin and restoring hydration, elasticity and tone. This approach has come about through a combined action deriving from the use of selected hyaluronic acids and patented technologies which work in coordination to create conditions for preventing and combating the skin ageing process. IBSA Derma is characterised by the way in which the entire production chain is controlled: from the bio-fermentation of the primary materials to the preparation of the final product“.

Amongst the strengths allowing for the division’s international growth is the approach to the market – making it capable of adapting and anticipating the

needs of doctors and patients – as well the added value of the products being Italian, as they are developed by Italian researchers

A winning combination, as told by Luca Crippa – CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia S.r.l: “IBSA Derma is a particularly dynamic division and it has always been able to respond effectively over the years to the needs of a rapidly evolving sector such as Aesthetic Medicine: in particular, in 2015, market conditions were ripe for launching an innovative product which allowed us to change pace and strengthen our position internationally. The challenge awaiting IBSA Derma today is to continue to grow in international markets and to export our approach to Aesthetic Medicine: an approach with a strong focus on the patients and their needs, also promoting an innovation on a cultural level towards the awareness that each one of us is a masterpiece“.

IBSA Derma has based its growth upon pharmaceutical expertise, distinctive product quality, and an innovative and dynamic approach to the market, while at the same time symbolising the tools which we need to face today’s challenges in order to build a successful future.

3.  IBSA Hyaluronic Acid

3.1 Company expertise

Scientific knowledge, continuous research, technological development and modern production processes make IBSA one of today’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the production of hyaluronic acid for use in Aesthetic Medicine. IBSA HA has a high level of purity, “ultrapure”, and it is made following a patented biofermentation process. On the basis of IBSA Derma technologies is the willingness to preserve and enhance HA properties.

All formulations require the use of HA chains in high-low molecular weight, working through the surrounding tissues, offering a high cohesiveness that facilitates integration in the tissues.

3.2 Hydrolift® Action

Hydrolift® Action is an innovative approach acting to fight the physiological HA reduction through tissues, giving back hydration, elasticity and skin tone.

This approach is an expression of the synergic action of selected and technologic patented HAs that, in combination, create conditions to prevent and fight the ageing process.

The Hydrolift® approach is at the basis of the development of each Viscoderm®, Aliaxin® e PROFHILO® product.

3.3 Nahyco® Hybrid Technology

The NahycoÒ Hybrid Technology is the innovative BSA technology that uses a patented thermal binding process to link chains of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight. The result is a hybrid stable cooperative hyaluronic acid formula. This technology allows hyaluronic acid to stay longer in tissues at higher concentrations, with no impact on its handling and safety.

4.  The IBSA Derma manifesto

For those of you who love beauty
The proportions, the harmony …
Here it is.
How? Is this not beauty for you?
Is it this one? Or this one?
Are you looking for symmetry? The art, the rules?
The standards have changed,
You are beauty and this is where we will begin.
And it doesn’t matter if you don’t conform to the stereotype:
Approval is no longer required.
You are already a masterpiece.
How can it be you don’t realise? You are unique!
Do you want to protect your beauty?
Illuminate your purity?
We can help you to boost your beauty with innovation.
Beauty is redefinition … of contours, shapes and concepts. Beauty is not explainable: occurring only when awakened! There are no secrets or tricks, just a single element: hyaluronic acid.
We want to glorify your beauty with its purity. So we take care of you and your skin.


4.1 Redefining the standards of beauty

IBSA Derma wants to establish itself as a pioneer of a new approach to Aesthetic Medicine, promoting an idea of ​authentic beauty reflecting the uniqueness of the individual. The objective and ultimate goal, which the division promotes and supports with its products and treatments, is a genuine improvement of skin quality. The IBSA Derma approach is in fact aimed at counteracting the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid in the tissues, restoring hydration, elasticity and tone. This is the consequence of an innovative use of hyaluronic acid ultrapure, which today allows IBSA Derma to redefine the standards of classic beauty.

Over time, beauty has had well-defined and specific standards for any given period of history. Today this is no longer the case, because IBSA Derma redefines beauty standards enhancing the authenticity according to each individual.