The newly launched BCAM Academy is an exciting and forward thinking initiative.

The Academy is being launched to: help promote education in the field of Aesthetic Medicine; increase the numbers of Doctors represented by BCAM, thereby enabling more new Doctors to gain help, support, networking opportunities and a forum for discussion in the Aesthetic industry; increase education in patient-focused safety issues, safeguarding and complication management for new Doctors entering the field of Aesthetic Medicine; providing approved and accredited CPD sessions and Aesthetic training for new Doctors; and encourage established and experienced Aesthetic Doctors, who are BCAM members, to support new Doctors coming into the Aesthetic industry, thereby passing on their experience and professional knowledge of the Aesthetic industry. In so doing, BCAM hopes to raise the bar for Aesthetic Medicine in the currently challenging and changing climate of our industry.

It is vital that as the shape of Aesthetic Medicine is being moulded and debated, we can offer a solid and united strong base in our professional college to help steer the discussions and the decisions being made about the future of Aesthetic Medicine, and the impact on Aesthetic Doctors in the coming months and years as the JCCP is set up and Government policy regarding Aesthetic Medicine is established.

Our professional campaign, via the launching Academy, reaches out to current and future professional Aesthetic Doctors who are not yet BCAM members. BCAM’s message is one of increasing professional education, highlighting patient-safety, educating consumers and the general public and raising awareness for topical issues surrounding Aesthetic Medicine.

By encouraging new Doctors, who are interested in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, to join the BCAM Academy, we can help to educate these new Doctors in the important issues surrounding appropriate Aesthetic training, patient-safety, management of complications, CPD sessions, appraisal and audit work and professionalism within our field so that they can graduate through BCAM to join our group of members already committed to excellence in the Aesthetic industry. In this way we help to grow the Aesthetic industry in a safe and professional way, helping to mould new Doctors and support them in the best way to help them find their feet in an increasingly challenging professional environment.

There are many changes and challenges to the field of Aesthetic Medicine currently and BCAM is striving to help be a leading light to steer decisions for the future to be made for the safety of patients, the education of the general 2

public and to help support Aesthetic Doctors to be the shining example of what Aesthetic practitioners should embody. Public safety and the education of our members, our collective patients and the general public, are paramount to BCAM. The BCAM Academy, by supporting new Doctors, is an admirable and excellent way of increasing accountability and expertise in our field of Medicine.

By opening the doors to support new Doctors, as they navigate their way through the field of Aesthetic Medicine, BCAM can help to steer the growing Aesthetic specialty and help to build up a strong core of professionals within the industry, standing together in unity as a single body. By not catering to new Doctors we weaken any one position and dissipate the unity we have when we draw Aesthetic Doctors together to build the speciality into something we can be proud of.

BCAM are in a perfect position to bring Aesthetic Doctors together during this challenging time as the government set up the JCCP and as we need to concentrate and focus on our remit as Aesthetic Doctors to set ourselves apart from other Aesthetic Practitioners by our education, professionalism, expertise and professional accountability to our patients, each other and the general public. By supporting new Doctors coming to the field of Aesthetic Medicine we will be better placed to protect our specialty, educate the general public and be a bastion for public safety in Aesthetic Medicine.

How will it work?

The BCAM Academy has been established to offer a category of association to Doctors who do not fulfil the criteria for associate membership, but who would gain significant benefit and support from being affiliated to BCAM. Although Academy membership does not confer any of the rights of BCAM membership, it does provide doctors with a fantastic opportunity to network, with associate members and full members of BCAM, and gain numerous additional benefits including:

  • An invitation to the annual BCAM Conference and chance to attend the BCAM conference where we hope the Academy Doctors will be able to:

o Network with associate and full BCAM members and discuss important aspects of the field of Aesthetic Medicine

o Gain a deeper understanding of the field of Aesthetics from the lecture sessions held and from talks given at the BCAM       annual conference

o Gain a deeper understanding of BCAM, the work it does and the support it gives its members

o Have an opportunity to ask questions of speakers and members alike

  • A comprehensive list of BCAM members who are willing and keen to provide advise and support on clinical queries. This will enable our Academy members to gain confidence and a deeper understanding of a variety of clinical scenarios and to grow in their abilities as Aesthetic Doctors, whilst being supported and encouraged by experienced and established Doctors in the Aesthetic field.
  • Mentoring with BCAM Members. This is intended to build good working relationships between Academy members and BCAM members and provide a support network where Academy Members can discuss cases, clinical knowledge and any aesthetic queries with experienced and established Aesthetic Doctors who are BCAM members.
  • Guidance on becoming an Aesthetic Doctor. The BCAM Academy will provide information, help and advice to support new doctors interested in training in Aesthetic Medicine and with that advice BCAM will stress the importance of:

o Yearly appraisals

o Auditing of clinical and non-clinical measures

o Appropriate CPD

o Mandatory training

o Industry conferences, courses, training sessions and seminars

  • Access to lists of BCAM approved training courses. BCAM has accredited and approved several aesthetic training courses, which provide very comprehensive courses and rigorous training in all aspects of basic and advanced Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Access to a closed on-line forum. This will provide a platform for discussions and networking as well as providing information on work and training opportunities for these new doctors.

What will be the process for people to join the BCAM Training Academy?

Doctors will have to apply to the Academy and present the required documents to the BCAM Academy, as detailed on the Academy website. Once they have supplied the required documents and completed their application form, their application will be assessed to make sure they fulfill all the joining criteria (available to view on the Academy website). If successful, they will be invited to join the Academy as BCAM Affiliates and begin on their path through the Academy. Affiliates will sit an Exit Exam at the end of their time in the Academy and will be invited to join BCAM.

What are the benefits?

The Academy will be open to any Doctor with an interest in Aesthetic Medicine and not necessary only for those doctors practicing in Aesthetic Medicine (subject to their application being successful).

BCAM continually receives membership enquiries from Doctors who, at present, do not fulfil the BCAM membership or associate membership criteria. These Doctors, instead of being turned away and told to reapply when they do fulfil our membership criteria, can be given our support and help in the start of their Aesthetic careers and in continuing down the path of their budding Aesthetic practice. These members can be guided through the BCAM Academy and helped to, in-time, fulfil the criteria required for full BCAM membership: increase BCAM membership numbers and increase our power as a voice in the Aesthetic industry.

The BCAM Academy will support will these Doctors with training, mentoring, supervisions if necessary, appraisal and audit support, providing forums for discussion and advice in their budding Aesthetic Career.

The benefits of the BCAM Academy will be:

  • Support for new Aesthetic and non-Aesthetic Doctors, with an interest in Aesthetic Medicine via:

o Mentoring with established and experienced members of BCAM

o Invitation to attend the annual BCAM conference

o Access to supervisions if these are necessary under the GMC APS scheme

o Advice on audit and yearly appraisals

o Advice on continued professional development in Aesthetic Medicine

o Access to closed forums and discussions with the BCAM Members and Associate Members community

o Access to BCAM approved training courses to ensure that new Doctors entering the Academy are train in line with Government policy and requirements

o Advice on mandatory training (CRP, Anaphylaxis, Infection Control, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults etc.)

The BCAM Academy aims to build an every increasing Aesthetic community where discussion, support, sharing of ideas and continued education can help to professionally strengthen all our members, associate members, Academy members and partners in continually raising the bar in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Together as a cohesive and unified community we can ensure we are also educating the general public and our patients and that we are raising awareness and increasing patient safety.

By being a strong governing body, building up our members and encouraging new Doctors to engage with us in the BCAM Academy, we can make sure we are a large well-represented group of Doctors, helping to influence our specialty in a meaningful way.

Launch date

The New BCAM Academy will be launching at the BCAM Annual Autumn Conference on 23rd September 2017 after which date the Academy website, including its dedicated Affiliates Area and forum will be active for new joining BCAM Affiliates to log on, join up and start with the BCAM Academy.

We are very excited to be launching this initiative this year and to be pushing Aesthetic Medicine in this new direction.

Quote from BCAM President Dr Paul Charlson:

“BCAM is committed to ensuring the effective, safe and ethical practice of Medical Aesthetics. We place a very strong importance on education and training for our Doctors and on helping to keep our members at the forefront of their field. By focusing on the specialty’s education and clinical standards, and investing in the future of Aesthetic Medicine, and new Doctors coming into the field, BCAM can be an important force for good as the government seeks to formalise Aesthetic treatments in the UK and to regulate Aesthetic practice. Through the Academy BCAM aims to increase Doctors’ education, build on clinical standards, increase patient safety and consumer education and strive for excellence in our professional standards