Caroline Mills from The Face Surgeons welcomes the new Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgery from the RCS.

Miss. Mills, a founding member of The Face Surgeons – the UK’s first all-female led facial surgery clinic – called the new self-regulation framework “an important step to ensure agreed professional standards for facial surgeons working across the healthcare sector.”

The Royal Collage of Surgeon’s new Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgery are intended to improve patient safety and standards in the industry, by stipulating that only surgeons with the appropriate training and experience should undertake cosmetic surgery, as well as the ethics and behaviour expected of them.

They supplement new guidance the General Medical Council has published today for all doctors who carry out cosmetic interventions, including non-surgical procedures such as Botox® and hair transplants, and are intended to be read alongside it.

Today’s new Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgery will underpin the new system of certification. By adhering to the RCS’s new Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgery, surgeons will ensure that the needs of individual patients are at the centre of the consultation discussion, and that they are fully informed about the potential risks and likely outcome of the procedure.

Welcoming the launch of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Professional Standards for Cosmetic Surgery, Miss. Caroline Mills, a Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon at The Face Surgeons on Wimpole Street, London said:

“Robust regulation for cosmetic surgery is vital to protect patients and help them identify a highly trained surgeon. More and more people are using cosmetic surgery and it is essential they access the right information easily to help them make an informed choice about treatment and practitioner.

“I also welcome the decision by the RCS to develop certification in consultation and across all specialities for peripatetic surgeons from abroad working in the private sector and who are not covered by the new standards.

“The new self-regulation framework is an important step to ensure agreed professional standards for facial surgeons working across the healthcare sector.”

The new rules, coming into force in June for private clinics and the NHS, make it clear that patients must not be rushed or cajoled into having surgery.

Promotional tactics like two-for-one offers are banned, and doctors who break the rules could be struck off the medical register.

Making facial cosmetic surgery safer with The Face Surgeons

For anybody contemplating surgery of the face, this is often a daunting prospect. Some people are told they have to have surgery, for reasons such as deformity, trauma or tumours; other people choose to have facial surgery for cosmetic reasons. Either way, who you choose as your surgeon is of paramount importance.

The mission of The Face Surgeons clinic is to provide anybody who requests or needs to have surgery of the face to have the best possible advice and treatment from a specialist in their field of care.

Miss. Caroline Mills – a key leader in the movement for safer facial cosmetic surgery – said: “All of our surgeons are highly trained specialists in all aspects of facial surgery. We have one oculoplastic surgeon, one ear, nose and throat specialist, and 3 maxillofacial surgeons. Between all members of The Face Surgeons team we aim to provide patients with a comprehensive and well explained treatment plan for your concerns and problems.

“Where indicated our team will work as a multidisciplinary team in order to give you the best possible care and service available. This may mean that you see an ENT surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon, or an eye lid surgeon and nose surgeon, and via this route you will receive the best possible care.”


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