ALPHAEON Corporation, a leader in self-pay healthcare social commerce, announced the release of ShoutMD 3.0.  ShoutMD is a unique professional and social network that allows board certified physician specialists to share insights, start discussions, and collaborate with their peers with the goal of improving patient experiences and outcomes. The new release brings a unique buying experience to the rapidly growing network, where physicians can rate and review, request a demo of or click to buy the latest lifestyle healthcare products. ShoutMD is one of the only places where board certified physicians can compare and learn about products from their peers and participate transparently in a broad loyalty program.

In addition to the launch of the ShoutMD store, version 3.0 includes a sleek new design, enhanced content, member tagging and a robust resource and events center.

“ShoutMD provides is a forum where board certified physician specialists can gain greater knowledge of available products and services and benefit from candid and uncensored reviews.  Patients win when their physicians are able to share clinical experiences and outcomes in full transparency,” says Robert E. Grant, CEO of ALPHAEON Corporation.

ShoutMD has more than 4,500 board certified physician specialist members across aesthetic plastic surgery, refractive ophthalmology, dermatology, cosmetic dentistry and orthopedics in the United StatesCanadaEurope and Asia. Physicians on ShoutMD are able to exchange information and engage in meaningful discussions about clinical cases, procedures, products and improving the business side of healthcare. Over the past 12 months, there have been more than 1 million activities performed by the members of ShoutMD.

“ShoutMD is my daily resource for real-time peer problem solving, clinical case review, and overall education. It is a dynamic, cross-specialty professional network that has enhanced how I practice and helps keep me, as well as all users, at the cutting edge of our specialties.  I am excited to now be able to make purchases through the platform and participate in a broad affinity program,” said Christopher Pelletiere, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Pelletiere is an equity holder in Strathspey Crown Holdings, LLC, the parent company of ALPHAEON.

“ShoutMD is an innovative professional platform that puts the knowledge and experience of my peers at my fingertips.  It has become the place where core physicians can connect in an unbiased and welcoming manner to get advice, start discussions and express themselves both medically and personally. ShoutMD has become a part of my daily practice. I am looking forward to the extension of this collaboration into the Shout Store, which will definitely influence the products I choose and where I purchase them, moving forward  ” said Jeffrey Joseph, MD, Board Certified Oculoplastic Surgeon.

About ALPHAEON Corporation

ALPHAEON Corporation is a social commerce company with the goal of transforming self-pay healthcare by bringing to market highly innovative products and services to promote consumer wellness, beauty and performance. The company works in partnership with board certified physicians ensuring access to leading advancements in lifestyle healthcare.