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Telomeres: ageing and longevity

Takuji Shirasawa and Marcelo Viegas discuss recent advances in telomere measurement technology and the increased understanding of their role, physiology and pathology

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AMWC 2014: sharing excellence

The Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, organised by Euromedicom, is one of the most important congresses for aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, and this year’s congress certainly cemented its reputation as a...

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Are you ready for AMWC 2014?

The time has almost come for one of the biggest events of the aesthetic and anti-ageing calendar: AMWC 2014. Since 2003, this annual World Congress for Global Aging Management, organised...

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Re-thinking personalised medicine

As the price for decoding a person’s DNA keeps dropping, expectations for personalised medicine based on specific genetic profiling rise. However, translating an individual’s genetic data into finely tailored medical...

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