The body is architected with breathtaking precision into a house of many dimensions. A multitude of cellular processes gives rise to increasingly complex structures and patterns. Can this same ethos be met with an equal precision, a paradigm designed to liberate the body from cellular destruction, the minute-by-minute progressive wear on the mitochondria?

The elaborate architecture of the body has traditionally been addressed by anti‑ageing medicine through the application of various modalities designed to address the outside. With an understanding of the foundational aspects of cellular health, a new definition of anti-ageing medicine has evolved — one that harnesses the transformative power of novel formulas and nutraceuticals in order to preserve and harmonise cellular processes. At times, anti-ageing medicine involves the use of simplicity to address complexity. The practice of internal anti-ageing medicine is knowing, for example, the best micronutrient formulations that will lead to enhanced collagen production or enhanced glutathione production. At other times, anti-ageing medicine involves the application of incredible complexity to enact a great inner change; this includes, for example, using mitochondrial formulas that render harmless the ricocheting bullets of free radicals or the use of potent neurotransmitter formulas that re-engineer the brain into an instrument vibrant with creativity rather than plagued with fatigue and a proclivity for addiction.

The ultimate anti-ageing medicine understands the enemy within, the processes of glycation, oxidation, and inflammation. Anti-ageing medicine delivers the power to mitigate harmful pathways to achieve transformation and transcendence. The essence of anti-ageing medicine is configuring a blend of formulas that meet the full spectrum of unique health needs of the individual. This requires careful attention to the patient and opens the doorway to understanding and applying the lessons of the body and listening to its subtle expressions. This form of anti-ageing medicine provides the tools and raw materials for the body to exalt itself and emerge into a new way of being. It is a craft where certain formulas are mixed in just the right way and like spices, they mingle and harmonise, creating the stage for embodiment of a new character to emerge, a healthy and vibrant being.

A decade ago, anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine were not considered an integral part of each other like they are today. There was a time when anti-ageing meant looking good cosmetically, and there were other parts of it that were only to be done in a spa setup. There were also treatments only performed in a medical setup focusing on different medical specialties and services, such as fillers and Botox in dermatology and plastic surgery, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in endocrinology, and weight loss programmes in general medicine. Next, the term ‘Medi-Spa’ evolved as an abbreviation of the combination of medical spa, which is a place where aesthetic services are provided under medical supervision. With the recent advancements in anti-ageing, aesthetic, and regenerative medicine the boundaries are not only blurred but all three specialties have overlapped and created a new class of anti-ageing physician.

Thanks to the efforts of Informa for bringing us PRIME, the peer-reviewed evidence based journal of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine; as well as international anti-ageing conferences like the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress. These platforms have led to a massive influx of new knowledge in the areas of need. It is the right time to thank all the organisers, supporters, academic contributors, delegates, and readers who have contributed one way or another to make this dream a reality.