Sofwave offers collagen remodelling and natural-looking results using its proprietary ultrasound technology 

Charlotte Wilkes is an experienced beauty writer and skin therapist specialising in medical aesthetics, dermatology and cosmetic surgery. She has trialled and reported on procedures such as rhinoplasty, Sculptra and Profilo.
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Sofwave™ is the breakthrough technology ready to meet the ever-increasing demand for non-invasive treatments that deliver noticeable results. Today’s patients who show mild to moderate skin laxity but are not quite ready for a surgical facelift find their way into aesthetic practices as they search for treatments with visible results and little to no downtime.

Perhaps they’ve had dermal fillers before but worry about looking overfilled; maybe they’ve thought about microneedling but don’t want to be stuck with needles thousands of times, requiring multiple treatments and days of downtime. 

For those who avoid dermal fillers for fear of looking unnatural and feel that microneedling isn’t for them, Sofwave™ fits the demand as it delivers noticeable wrinkle reduction, eyebrow and neck lifting, and improves the appearance of lax tissue in the submental.

A more holistic approach

Sofwave™ cleverly manages to be both holistic and anti-aging— helping patients roll back the clock while still looking like themselves. Dr. Dev Patel, medical director of Perfect Skin Solutions, acknowledges the importance of reassuring patients. ‘The biggest psychological hurdle is the fear of looking unnatural. We can say to patients: 100% you will not look unnatural. You will maintain your identity. You will just slowly transform into a healthier version of yourself.’

Patients will never look unnatural because Sofwave™ uses their own collagen and elastin to lift the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out— no needles, minimal downtime, and safe for all skin tones. 

The proof is in the science

Sofwave™ is FDA-cleared to improve facial lines and wrinkles and to lift the brow, neck and the submental. In a multi-center clinical study, 72% of trial patients rated the results on facial wrinkles and necklines as improved to very much improved after one Sofwave™ treatment at the 12-week mark1. Adding Sofwave™ to your practice will soon pay for itself: it’s easy to use, a single full-face treatment only takes 30–45 minutes, and can be delegated to non-physician team members. 

Dr. Munir Somji, Director of DrMediSpa, stresses the importance of FDA approval for practitioner confidence. ‘Sofwave™ is proven to work and has FDA approval for eyebrow lifting, and that’s very rare. It gives me, as a clinician, peace of mind to know a treatment works and that we are also helping a patient in their daily activities.’

Remodeling collagen the Sofwave™ way

Sofwave™ has many advantages over HIFU for both the practitioner and the patient. It uses proprietary SUPERB™ (synchronous parallel ultrasound beam) technology with SofCool™ to deliver ultrasound in a completely different way, making it faster, more efficient, and less painful, with no side effects and a proven safety record. 

The technology is far more controlled, delivering seven parallel high-energy beams simultaneously in the mid dermis at precisely 1.5 mm depth without risk of injury to the bones, facial fat, nerves, or blood vessels1. Instead of heating the skin in tiny pinpoints, the beams cover a larger area more uniformly in half the time of other technologies. The controlled injury in the mid-dermis stimulates new collagen production, giving the skin a gradual but effective lift. Unlike RF microneedling devices, the skin remains intact, with minimal downtime. 

The safety profile is strong, and no device-related adverse events were reported in the clinical study. This is partly because SofCool™, an integrated cooling mechanism, protects the epidermis from injury and allows the precise targeting of the mid-dermis for optimal results.

Dr. Patel prefers SUPERB™ technology. ‘Sofwave™ sits much better in my mind in terms of safety profile, and it delivers much more uniform and widespread heat, so the regenerative process is bound to be superior.’ 

Dr. Sophie Shotter, medical director of Illuminate Skin Clinic, makes an important point regarding future treatments. ‘It’s treating within the dermis and not targeting SMAS, which is an important consideration for anyone considering surgical options in the future.’ 

Dr. Shotter adds that there is no anti-aging protocol for perimenopausal women, but Sofwave™ is an excellent choice for stimulating collagen and remodeling lax skin. ‘Every face is different; there is no magic formula that fits any one face. But one thing we can say is that your collagen levels, by the age of forty to fifty, especially as a woman who is going through perimenopause, will decline significantly.’ 

Many of her patients are turning to Sofwave™ to hold off surgery as long as possible. ‘They can feel the difference in the skin; they can see it. My patients notice it most around the eyes and the neck,’ says Dr. Shotter. 

Sofwave™ doesn’t just delay surgery, says Dr. Patel. ‘Sofwave™ offers something surgery cannot. It is improving the architectural age of the skin itself. It improves skin quality. Surgery does not do this. So even if someone wants surgery now or in the future, Sofwave™ will benefit them.’

A natural option

Although fillers can be used to lift contours subtly, they can’t do everything — too much after a certain age can make patients look puffy and distorted. Dr. Shotter says this won’t happen with Sofwave™. ‘With injectables, some people are anxious. Some people are just afraid they are going to look different. With Sofwave™, you’re not going to have that. You can’t go wrong. You’re going to look like you but fresher, brighter, and rested.’

Dr. Somji explains that Sofwave is a more natural option. ‘It’s like when you are putting sheets over your pillowcase. If the pillow is too small for the pillowcase, it will be a little crinkly. You can either plump that up from the inside and look quite puffy or shrink it. That’s what Sofwave™ essentially does.’  

Denser collagen plumps up the skin in a different way, says Dr. Somji. ‘There will always be a place for dermal fillers when you lose volume, but when I look at the before and afters of Sofwave™, the skin becomes thicker, so the health of your skin gets better, and you get that bit of a youthful glow, a little bit of youthful plumpness, which is what filler was designed for in the first place.’


Dr. Shotter notes that Sofwave™ is a popular prejuvenation treatment as well as a corrective one. ‘Nowadays, our patients are very aware that collagen and elastin levels decline with age and are keen to take a preventative approach from a young age. I’ve got patients who are having Sofwave around the age of 30 to address early signs of aging, like tech neck, and also just to bank collagen.’

She makes an interesting comparison with microneedling: ‘The degree of collagen stimulation from a single Sofwave™ will be more than from a single microneedling treatment.’ Dr. Patel agrees that it’s a good alternative to microneedling for banking collagen and elastin as part of a prejuvenation treatment plan. ‘Sofwave improves skin surface quality too, with patients reporting smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, and plumper skin.’


Sofwave™ helps physicians and aesthetic practices deliver targeted energy to simultaneously coagulate more tissue area more efficiently. Physicians are empowered through a high-touch approach and dedicated expert team and best-in-class, innovative technology. Aesthetic practices who desire to expand their portfolio of treatments will benefit from Sofwave™.