The only manufacturer of HA dermal fillers in North America, Prollenium® announced the acquisition of SoftFil® to its portfolio. Prollenium®, makers of the injectable HA dermal filler brand Revanesse® and its portfolio of products, now adds the SoftFil® brand of microcannulas to its stable, making a perfect pairing for the global aesthetic market. 

Ario Khoshbin, founder and CEO of Prollenium®: “It has always been a personal and professional ambition to lead the aesthetics market for the benefit of the consumer, collecting and cultivating innovation and pioneering technology with safety at the core of everything we do. SoftFil® the brand and CEO Dr Sandrine Sebban exemplify what we are achieving at Prollenium®. Sandrine is a powerhouse of ideas and her work in aesthetics is impressive. It was a natural fit to add the brand to our portfolio giving practitioners globally, pairing the best tools and our Revanesse® brand of dermalfillers for safe and optimal patient results.” 

Paris-based SoftFil® CEO, cosmetic doctor, international trainer, author and innovator, Dr Sandrine Sebban comments: “Prollenium® is certainly building a strong aesthetic empire with its acquisition of SoftFil®, designed to push the borders of innovation to achieve beautiful, precise but most importantly safe results. Prollenium®’s products are revolutionary in their own right and perfect partners for us as we share the same values and vision. Revanesse®’s safety profile is impressive and its unique qualities certainly make it a filler of the future and I like all things committed to innovation and the betterment of the aesthetics industry. 

 I have been using Revanesse® dermalfillers in my own clinic in Paris and I must admit I’ve become addicted to using them. My favorite is Revanesse ® Kiss combined with my 25g EasyGuide cannula to treat the perioral region. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realised the results, virtually zero swelling and beautifully crisp results. We are global brands in terms of our outreach now, we can cover more ground so it’s all good news and gives us even more scope for evolution.”