Aesthetic skincare distributor, Schuco International, announced that they are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of Neauvia Organic.

Neauvia offers the first line of organic BIOMIMETIC dermal fillers, incorporating both calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid. Neauvia is the first to use the non-toxic, degradable PEG polymer as a crosslinker. PEG reduces the action of proteolytic enzymes, increasing longevity of the implant. This makes Neauvia Organic the most biocompatible fillers on the market, reducing almost to zero the biopotential rejection of the hosting tissues. In other words, PEG reduces the formation of granulomas and inflammation.

Chris Littlejohn, Commercial Director comments;

“Schuco identifies products to launch that have got innovation at their very heart.  We believe Neauvia is truly unique and will revolutionise the market. It has a number of components that together differentiates it against everything else available; using IPN technology, degradable PEG, whilst being an organic biomimetic filler”.

Neauvia fillers are the first, one and only BIOMIMETIC fillers worldwide. Schuco believe this makes Neauvia a truly innovative range, effectively bridging the gap between the two common types of fillers. The innovative Neauvia formula allows for a longer lasting result without sacrificing patient safety. The use of pure materials and original production methods make Neauvia fillers stand out as the new generation of products.

Neauvia is now exclusively available through Cosmedic Pharmacy.