Sinclair has launched a new campaign to highlight two of its high performing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers the from MaiLi portfolio; MaiLi Precise for eyes* and MaiLi Define for lips.

Each variant has a particular benefit, but both MaiLi Precise and MaiLi Define harness the power of the world’s first OxiFree™ HA technology which works to preserve long molecular HA chains. The highly efficient crosslinking of HA with low BDDE creates a supple, springlike gel that smooths the finest of lines but also gives projection power and longevity.

Refresh Eyes with the Power of MaiLi Precise.

The Swiss-science brand is an especially safe and effective premium Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler.  MaiLi Precise has been created to refresh and rejuvenate the most tired looking eyes.  With long-lasting effects, it can treat fine lines to medium-sized skin depressions to the periorbital area – and with added lidocaine it ensures a more comfortable experience for patients.

Enhance Lips with the Power of MaiLi Define.

MaiLi isn’t about quick fixes, as a game-changing brand which provides exceptional long-term results. Long-term results that mean a longer term relationship with patients.

Using revolutionary OxiFree™ HA technology, the innovative HA filler gives lips a more natural super-soft look that will keep on giving. With proven results that are still visible even at 12 months**.

This is because MaiLi patented the world’s first OxiFree™ technology, to preserve long molecular HA chains. The highly efficient crosslinking of HA with low BDDE (1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether) has created a supple, springlike gel with volume, projection power and longevity.

The product is also synonymous with safety, and uses lidocaine for a more comfortable experience for patients. The injected gel is in constant contact with the surrounding tissues, and returns to its initial shape due to Smart Spring properties.

OxiFree™ technology at a glance:

  • Hydration: High molecular weight, long HA chains are dissolved to form a solution through a hydration system.
  • Crosslinking: Crosslinking under inert atmosphere is performed with low level of BDDE – transforming the solution into a gel.
  • Extraction: Reactive oxygen species are removed from the gel to better preserve the lightly crosslinked HA network.
  • Sterilisation: The OxiFree™ crosslinked HA network (containing less reactive oxygen species) is better preserved during sterilisation.

The Power of Lips Competition 

Sinclair has launched a competition to showcase the range of applications and best outcomes which can be achieved with MaiLi.  The expert judging panel is headed by Dr Sheila Nguyen, supported by Nina Prisk and Jane Wilson, with special guest judge, Dr Tijion Esho.  Prizes include an invitation to attend The Sinclair World Experts Meeting in Barcelona, for the winner, and a MaiLi In-Clinic Experience – a private practice session from a leading MaiLi trainer and boxes of MaiLi for second and third prize winners.

The competition runs for three months from June, with the results announced in September.  Clinicians are invited to upload image of their before and after MaiLi Lips case studies on Instagram tagging @maili_uk and use #MaiLiLipsFTW to enter as many cases as they wish.

*The application of MaiLi Precise in the periorbital area is reserved for specialists specifically trained in this technique and who have a sound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of this area

**Data on file.