IBSA present the PROFHILO® BODY KIT, a complete approach to treating skin laxity on the body using injectables and topical skincare 

IBSA DERMA, a pioneer in the treatment of skin laxity and bio-remodelling of the face and neck, has a very clear mission: to glorify and enhance the authentic beauty of each one of us in its entirety, enhancing the face as well as the body.

It is with this goal in mind that IBSA DERMA present a new approach to treat skin laxity on the body, all enclosed in a single case: the PROFHILO® BODY KIT.


Today, in the aesthetic medicine market, the face and body have seemingly different weights of importance: the face is the area that absorbs most of the time and investment; in fact, according to a recent survey conducted by IBSA DERMA on a panel of physicians and patients, the time dedicated to aesthetic medicine treatments is divided with about 80% spent on treating the face, while only the remaining 20% is dedicated to the body.

Although the body is equally susceptible to chrono-ageing and photo-ageing, women tend to focus their attention mainly on the face. The decision to treat the body only comes ‘later’, making this market far from the logic of ‘prevention’ and much more focused on ‘correcting’ an already evident problem.

With particular reference to skin laxity, this results in less incentive for body treatment from the specialist and less demand from patients who, in the most extreme cases, instead of treating the body imperfection, tend to abandon the garments, such as short skirts and tight dresses, in favour of clothes that can hide critical areas and their imperfections.

Figure 1 Injection points for the inner arm according to the BAP technique. 


But each part of our body is a detail that distinguishes us and makes us unique, a detail of beauty that should not be covered up but instead deserves to be unveiled, so IBSA DERMA wants to promote a better balance between face and body, encouraging both physicians and patients to take better care of the body.

To achieve this, IBSA DERMA has designed a complete approach.

What does the complete approach mean? It means offering a new way of caring that combines in-clinic injectable treatment with home cosmetic treatments, with clinically tested efficacy, to provide an additional service to the patients and to help them maintain the results obtained. A new level of patient care, ready in the physician’s hands.

The PROFHILO® BODY KIT, indeed, includes both injectable treatments and skincare treatments:

  • 2 pack of PROFHILO® BODY 3.2% — 96 mg/3 ml  —  Medical Device for intradermal use
  • 1 pack of PROFHILO® FIGURA BODY CREAM — Cosmetic
  • 1 pack of PROFHILO® FIGURA BODY PATCH  —  Cosmetic.


Bioremodelling treatment is based on the stabilised Hybrid Cooperative Complexes (HCC) of high and low molecular weight Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid, produced with the unique thermal production process patented by IBSA, the NAHYCO® Technology. PROFHILO® BODY is supplied in 3 ml pre-filled syringe vial containing 48 mg high molecular weight HA and 48 mg low molecular weight HA , totalling 96 mg/3 mL, one of the highest hyaluronan concentrations on the market. 

The indications of use are also quite unique in the marketplace: multilevel tissue remodelling and improvement in skin laxity of the body, particularly for the inner arm and abdomen.

The product’s favourable rheological profile allows satisfactory tissue remodelling to be achieved with just two treatments at 4-week intervals and has enabled IBSA to adapt the now widely used and appreciated Bio Aesthetic Point technique for the body areas. The technique consists of only 10 points of injection with 0.3 ml boluses using a 29 G needle in the deep dermis.

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