Dr. Claire Sabatier-Cabrol introduces the Doublo-Gold, system, providing a strong lifting effect with no surgical incision

Lines and wrinkles, which are the first visible signs of skin ageing, must be one of your main aesthetic worries as you get older. Many people pay attention to well-ageing care due to this reason, but daily skincare cannot be a fundamental measure to prevent skin ageing. The ultrasonic lifting treatment is leading the well-ageing treatment trend as a representative skin rejuvenation measure. 

The surgical face lift is still the gold standard. But, when the sagging is not too important, or the patient is scared of scars or anesthesia, or also wishes to maintain the result of a surgical face lift: a HIFU treatment is the best choice. With the release of the non-surgical ultrasonic face lifting system ‘Doublo’ to the market, the trend dramatically reversed itself. With the advanced version ‘Doublo-Gold,’ the system has established a solid foothold in the face lifting market. 

The Doublo-Gold system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to resolve elasticity loss and droops in the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer and dermal layer at the bottom of your skin. 

Face lifting with HIFU by the Doublo-Gold system uses heat generated with condensed energy. The system generates heat at the target treatment area to create new tissue through the wound healing process and promotes skin and SMAS regeneration and elasticity improvement on the treated area. This process usually takes place between three and six months after the treatment begins, although the time may differ with individuals. During this process, collagen and elastin are regenerated to add elasticity and vitality to your cutaneous and sub-cutaneous tissues and the effect increases over time. 

Figure 1 Results (A) before and (B) after treatment

Doublo-Gold promotes a strong lifting effect by improving elasticity recovered through cell generation, contracts the SMAS layer, and reduces some unnecessary fat. Selectable partial treatment can be given to those with a face that looks large due to unfavorable facial contours with a drooping jawline and cheeks. Facial contours can be improved in a safe manner, without Botox or filler injection treatments. It’s a natural, non-chemical, no foreign body treatment.

Another advantage of Doublo-Gold is the customizable treatment for each skin layer. With three types of cartridges, which include D4 (4 MHz, 4.5 mm), M7 (7 MHz, 3.0 mm), and S7 (7 MHz, 1.5 mm), the elasticity of both the surface and lower layers of your skin can be improved through different treatments for each skin layer. More effective results can be obtained by adjusting the ratio and shot count of the D4, M7, and S7 to suit the treatment area.

Doublo-Gold uses D4, which mainly targets the SMAS at a depth of 4.5 mm, as the main cartridge. During treatment, it is important to consider the level of subcutaneous fat of the patient. The thermal energy, produced by the D4 cartridge, contracts the SMAS layer to help lift your facial contours. Treatment on those with a high level of subcutaneous fat can make jawlines sharper providing an ideal appearance.

With the Two-way Auto Shot feature of ‘Doublo-Gold,’ 300 shots can be shot in 8 minutes and the treatment speed is two times faster compared to the conventional Doublo. The fact that treatment time can be saved is one of the biggest advantages for the practitioner performing the treatment. 

With high performance and effect, the Doublo-Gold can be regarded as a ‘true anti-ageing treatment’ that can present a natural but strong lifting effect with no surgical incision and revive your skin age beginning from the SMAS layer. 

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