Results-driven cosmeceutical brand iS Clinical is set to launch a ‘revolutionary’ skincare product in the UK, which promises to give skin its youthful appearance back.

GeneXC Serum’s synergistic formulation of antioxidants and DNA repair Extremozyme® technology has been clinically proven to “turn on” the genes that command cells to “return to youth”

The serum, which is suitable for all skin types, activates genes to enhance skin cells’ ability to respond to stress, renew cells, brighten the skin, and improve overall skin function – in just one step.

Impressively, there are further benefits, which include superior antioxidant protection, improvement in skin tone and elasticity, support in cellular regeneration and metabolism, and age-defiance. In fact, iS Clinical claims it to be the most powerful antioxidant formula it has ever tested.

GeneXC Serum is especially good for younger individuals focused on early ageing prevention and healthy skin maintenance, as well as those with over-processed, thin and/or damaged skin.


In one clinical study, the product was measured on its effect on genes. Skin was exposed to GeneXC Serum alongside a control product. Using qPCR, gene amplification (turning off/on) was measuredin 112 genes in the epidermis. Genes were grouped by function/job in skin and a statistical analysis was done to verify that results were valid and statistically significant.

Where the skin was exposed to GeneXC, results were positive and showed increased antioxidant protection, improved hydration, enhanced skin barrier function, improved ECM integrity, enhanced cell renewal and repair, enhanced immune response and more. It’s very unusual for a skincare product to affect this many genes.

Ground-breaking formula

The serum features a proprietary combination of Extremozymes, which are clinically proven to help protect and revitalise the foundation of healthy skin.

The key ingredients include, L-ascorbic acid (20% stabilised), trehalose, hydrolysed eruca sativa leaf, plankton extract and lecithin, terminalia ferdinandiana fruit extract, plankton extract – arginine ferulate, mixed fruit acid extracts and superoxide dismutase.