On a Friday morning in February, Brisbane, California-based medical device company Cutera Inc. hosted a Beauty Talk! at the beautiful Park Ave offices of Sadick Dermatology. Dermatologist Neil Sadick MD and his daughter Sydney Sadick, an in the know fashion journalist, talked about everything from state-of-the-art skin brightening treatments to the newest injectables and how to get svelte without sweating or surgery. It takes a lot of work and a little help from a great dermatologist to look good.

According to Sydney Sadick, “Millennials are more obsessed now with their appearance and preventing the signs of aging than ever due to the pressure of the social media craze and the standards of current beauty.”

As expected, with spring just around the corner, there was lot of buzz about non-invasive body fat reduction. A world-class expert in laser therapies, Dr. Sadick introduced Cutera’s new truSculptiD, the latest body sculpting solution that provides a personalized, hands-free, non-invasive treatment tailored to each patients’ needs. “truSculptiD treats the entire fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction in a customized 15-minute treatment for a full abdomen or multiple body areas simultaneously,” he explained.

Sydney Sadick, Neil Sadick


Sadick and Sadick also introduced Cutera’s PICO Genesis™, a double-duty laser procedure that can turn back the clock on your skin. “PICO Genesis uses ultra-short laser pulses to target sun spots, pigmentation, skin texture and tone with minimal downtime,” said Dr. Sadick. So, in essence, your skin can return to a more youthful state in just a few sessions. “New generation whole body rejuvenation technologies allow everyone to achieve healthy, radiant skin anywhere on the body in a safe, cost-effective fashion with minimal downtime,” he added.

Lara Eudolian of Pretty Connected showed off her brighter, smoother complexion after experiencing a PICOGenesis treatment at Sadick Dermatology.

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