PRIME reviews the inaugural Miami Cosmetic Surgery show
(MCS 2020), which took place on 20–22 February 2020

A new aesthetics congress from the Informa group made its debut this February at the sprawling Miami Convention Center. Set in the heart of South Beach, MCS 2020 merged the multispecialty faculty and longtime success of Vegas Cosmetic Surgery with a stellar Scientific Committee and the expertise of the AMWC global team.

Image provided courtesy of Miami Cosmetic Surgery/Informa Markets

This new international show brought over 800 industry experts together from across the U.S., Latin America and Europe for a truly interactive and educational experience, under the direction of Chicago facial plastic surgeon and New York Times best-selling author Steven Dayan, M.D. The best way I can describe this meeting is, ‘Thinking outside the box.’

‘The goal with Miami Cosmetic Surgery was to evolve our conferences. Attendees are demanding it, rightfully so. They spend their hard earned money and precious time to come to these conferences and they deserve better. Therefore, we instituted innovative creative forums, inspiring session and real time ratings so that speakers are held accountable,’ says Dr. Dayan. 

He continues, ‘As someone who has been to 100’s if not 1000’s of conference I am fortunate to have intimate insights into what is important for speakers, attendees and industry. While our inaugural event was a success there is still a long way to go, but I am fortunate to have the support of Informa and its team. I remain committed to raising the bar each year as we merge Science, Aesthetics and Creativity with a goal to impact the way we all share, teach and learn best practices in aesthetic medicine. Stay tuned.’

The meeting featured four robust tracks that covered the most important topics of interest to attendees. With an impressive roster of key opinion leaders in their respective fields — dermatology, facial plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine — MCS 2020 gave attendees a wide range of choices covering three full days of learning. 

‘MCS was expertly organized to appeal to the changing dynamics of medical conferences. They placed an emphasis on quality and entertaining speakers, audience interaction, and unique topics. I was fortunate to present on hair loss, male aesthetics, and filler complications and had the opportunity to share my experience on starting a new aesthetic dermatology practice. I can’t wait to see how this conference grows over time. Bravo!’ says Washington DC dermatologist Terrence Keaney.

“This new international show brought over 800 industry experts together from across the U.S., Latin America and Europe for a truly interactive and educational experience.”

According to Scientific Advisor Michael Gold, MD, a dermatologist from Nashville, TN, ‘MCS was a wonderful exchange of scientific information from an outstanding faculty assembled by Dr. Dayan. The sessions were well balanced and covered all the important areas in the aesthetics arena and the industry support was phenomenal. I am, sure this meeting will continue to flourish in the Sunshine State.’

One of the highlights of the program was the chance to wake up with Miami based Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. 

‘While most aesthetic conferences are starting to sound and look alike, MCS was a testimonial of how the concept of edu-tainment can make this learning experience much more intimate and efficacious to the attendees by bringing new outside the box ideas, like raise and shine with Shino (a Yoga and guided meditation) to start the congress,’ he said.

Another popular feature of this new congress were the myriad networking events, including brainstorming roundtable sessions, passion projects showcasing creative talents outside of medicine, an entertaining charity gala, as well as special receptions hosted by exhibitors and industry leaders. 

‘The inaugural MCS meeting redefined how educational meetings should be! I was honored to present the one and only innovator and pioneer of Botox Cosmetic, Dr. Jean Carruthers, my mentor, for her Keynote address. Doing real time evaluations of presenters and awarding the best presenter for a session with a Maverick award is an ingenious way to bypass giving everyone equal time and reward those who bring innovative concepts and present well with more time,’ says San Diego dermatologist Sabrina Fabi.

According to Miami facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, ‘I commend the organizers for having the creative insight to create the bagels and brainstorming session.  To be sitting at a round table with Jill Waibel, John Martin, Greg Chernoff, and several other notable colleagues, discussing with a scientific director of a major company their latest development, was as rewarding for us doctors as it was for the director.’

With so many aesthetic industry conferences all over the world, the organizers of MCS took into consideration that attendees need to get value for their time commitment. By all accounts, MCS provided a unique environment to expand your mind, interact with colleagues old and new, meet with exhibitors and sponsors in a social setting, and learn about the current and future trends in aesthetic medicine. 

The affiliates of the MCS congress include AMWC Monte Carlo, AMWC Latin America, AMWC Brazil, and Vegas Cosmetic Surgery. MCS 2021 will take place on February 25–27, 2021.

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