A unique serum-in-oil texture, combining the power of eight exceptional oils with the effectiveness of Retinoids and a natural retinol-like ingredient, that nourishes and protects the skin for an incomparable repairing action.

A New Nutri-Element Retinol+

A cocktail of three active ingredients acting in synergy to help the epidermis to regenerate itself in depth:

  • Retinoids – retinol derivatives
  • Bidens Pilosa extract – retinol-like components
  • Rosehip Oil with carotenoids – precursors of Vit A = retinol


  • Corrects the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, loss of firmness and elasticity, dullness.
  • Stimulates collagens, elastin and hyaluronic acid production as well as cell renewal.
  • Initiates antioxidant activity
  • Offers the same benefits as pure retinol, but without some of its side effects.


Apply a few drops at night to cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté) before moisturiser. Use upward movements with fingertips and finish with a few taps for better absorption. Use sun protection the next morning. Use one or twice the first week then gradually increase the frequency of use. To achieve optimal results, apply each night as a three months cure.

“The NEW CODAGE Serum No8 Night Rejuvenation offers us the opportunity to provide our practitioners with a luxury, results-driven retinoid night treatment in a serum-in-oil formulation, offering the benefits of pure retinol without some of its side effects.”

Kimberley Saunders

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