Dr. David Shafer, Manhattan-based double board certified plastic surgeon, introduced the non-invasive SWAG penis enhancement procedure in 2017.  Since that time, the procedure has earned overwhelming international interest with patients traveling from as far as Europe and Asia to have the procedure.

Great news for men seeking penis enhancement is Dr. Shafer’s 3D computer analysis comparing before and after the SWAG penis enlargement procedure.  As seen in the image, Dr. Shafer’s patient achieved 48% increase in penis volume immediately after the procedure.  On follow up 2 weeks after the procedure, 3D computer analysis measured an amazing 68% increase in penis volume.

SWAG Penis Enhancement 3D Computer Analysis. Penis enhancement was recorded on Dr. Shafer’s patient and showed a 68% increase in penis volume at 2 weeks.

One patient commented immediately after the procedure that his “penis felt much heavier.”

Men are relieved to finally have an option to enhance their manhood.  While one may think that only men with small penises seek enhancement procedures, Dr. Shafer’s patient base includes men of all shapes and sizes.   While the procedure is not appropriate for micropenis, which would require surgery, Dr. Shafer has treated patients with penis size ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches.  Most patients only require one treatment for a full result.

Another patient said during his consultation that “women have had breast implants as a way to enhance their breasts, while men have not had a good option for their penis.”

The procedure involves a breakthrough in dermal fillers that are FDA approved to enhance cheeks and lips.  During the penis enhancement procedure Voluma XC is injected with a specialized cannula technique by Dr. Shafer into the shaft of the penis.  As Dr. Shafer said, “the more filler, the more enhancement.”  However, in most cases 10-15 syringes of Voluma XC are used to enhance the shaft while 1-3 syringes of Vollure XC are used to enhance the glans, or head of the penis.

Approximately 60% of men seeking the procedure are straight and 40% are gay.

Dr. Shafer states, “as the SWAG procedure has become routine in our practice, we can see a patient in consult and complete the procedure in less than 45 minutes.  Men are able to return right to work with essentially no downtime.”  Dr. Shafer does recommend massage for several days to help the product incorporate faster.  Most men are more than happy to abide by these post-procedure instructions – either by themselves or with their partner.

While the SWAG procedure adds significant girth but does not necessary add to penis length, many patients comment that the added weight has increased the length of their penis.

Dr. Shafer cautions patients from enhancing their penis too much.  As he says, “there is a certain aesthetic and balance of proportions.  One would not want to increase the circumference of the penis shaft so much that the penis appears unnatural.”  He says that the same holds true for people seeking lip injections with the same products.  After an initial treatment patient are very happy about the result and receive a lot of positive feedback. They then return seeking even more enhancement.

The SWAG penis enhancement procedure can cost anywhere in the range of $4,000 to $15,000 per treatment depending on the volume of enhancement.  The results from the penis enhancement procedure can last as long as two years, but most patients come for a top up annually.  Individual results can vary depending on the patients anatomy and the amount of enhancement.

Patients interested in a confidential consultation should contact [email protected] or call 212-888-7770. Visit the website at https://www.shaferplasticsurgery.com/.