Most clinic doors will open in July and things will be very, very different. One major change will be the reduction of patients in-clinic at one time, so what does this mean for business?

For many, this may mean a reduced daily income for the foreseeable future. 

However, a reduction of in-clinic appointments doesn’t have to mean a reduction in consultations or revenue. Get Harley has enabled practitioners on its platform to make up to £10k of extra income per month through a combination of first time product sales, repeat product sales (thanks to Get Harley’s tasteful and effective, auto-reminders that get patients to replenish products seamlessly) and online consultations – all of which are done from the safety of the practitioners own homes and without any logistics.

Get Harley can help in a multitude of ways. First and foremost, by enabling its practitioners to take initial consultations online, not just for skin, but for injectables, body treatments, hormone treatments, and more. This will help keep most of the in-clinic time for administering treatments only. 

As with automatically closing a sale on product regimes, Get Harley can also help patients to book in and pay for a deposit for future clinical treatments. This can be done after a stand-alone consultation about the treatment, or as an add-on after a skin consultation. Skin preparation is often required before an in-clinic treatment, so the conversation is generally seamless.

Virtual Future

During lockdown and beyond, many patients have become accustomed to virtual contact and those who are new customers might well prefer the option of a virtual consultation rather than venturing into the clinic. Knowing they can minimise their risk by seeing their practitioner from the comfort of their own home, is probably going to be preferable for many and the plus side for clinic owners is being able to keep to government guidelines, whilst still taking the revenue needed to prosper during this challenging time. 

Unparalleled Support

Get Harley continued to service its practitioners over during lockdown, which meant practitioners generated much-needed revenue whilst clinics were shut and had the ability to keep looking after their patients’ skin, even without seeing them physically. For practitioners who were already recommending products through Get Harley previously, repeat product sales is a passive income stream. For practitioners who were not already using them, Get Harley quickly set up online consultations to support business continuity, ramped up the speed in which it onboarded new practitioners, created specialised kits for practitioner’s patients and supported with influencer campaigns to help practitioners generate new customers. 

Dr Amiee Vyas says: “The lockdown period and ongoing impact of COVID-19 has completely changed my aesthetics business. Skin treatments are the foundation of my work and Get Harley has been essential inensuring my patients remain compliant with their home regimes. The replenishment reminders are a key part of this which together with timely home deliveries prevent skin setbacks, so my patients consistently reach their goals. 

The support provided by Get Harley has been invaluable during lockdown. Get Harley manages all aspects other than the patient consultation, which has given me time to focus on measures for clinic reopening and safety protocols, as well as my other commitments. I know they will be essential going forwards while long clinic consultations are on hold for the foreseeable future.”

Get Harley manages the product inventory on behalf of the practitioners and deals with all the logistics by delicately servicing patients with virtual communication and efficient to-your-door deliveries.

Despite the pandemic, many Get Harley practitioners make thousands of pounds in extra income by selling skincare products to customers via the Get Harley platform and benefiting from automatically generated repeat sales when patients run out. Get Harley also buys all the inventory, so for those nervous about investing in stock when they return to their clinics in an uncertain environment, they can use Get Harley instead to minimise risk.”

Charmaine Chow, Founder and CEO Get Harley

Get Harley continued to service its customers and their patients throughout lockdown and had an increase of over 50% (compared with Q1) of new customers who joined at the time of need and are continuing to use the service once doors open:

Working with Get Harley during the pandemic has been a lifeline for me as I could continue to service my customers, even when I couldn’t physically see them. They are supportive and highly professional. I would recommend their partnership for any aesthetic business, now and for the future.” Dr Uma Jeyanathan