• Over four out of 10 physicians and six out of 10 patients are not satisfied with the level of control achieved for moderate to severe adult patients treated with high potency topical steroids.
  • 91 percent of moderate to severe adults receiving high potency topical steroids are expected to repeat this same treatment.

Latest results from GfK Disease Atlas, a real-world evidence program linking physician- and patient-reported treatment data, reveals major gaps in satisfaction levels for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

The international survey of physicians and patients shows that 43 percent of physicians treating moderate to severe adult atopic dermatitis patients with high potency topical steroids are not satisfied with the level of control achieved. And dissatisfaction among the patients themselves stands at 66 percent.

Worse yet, patients expect to be dissatisfied: 92 percent agree that their doctor explained to them what to expect from this treatment.

Results also reveal repeated use of high potency topical steroids among moderate to severe adult patients, with 91 percent receiving this therapy set to repeat this treatment, according to the prescribing physician.

These same patterns are seen with another common therapy for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis: oral steroids, with similar high dissatisfaction levels amongst physicians and patients, and similar repeat use.

“The lack of new therapies for atopic dermatitis means that patients are often cycled through the same old treatment options, such as topical steroids and oral steroids,” said Alison Rose, Immunology & Dermatology Therapy Director at GfK. “But the low satisfaction level with these habitual treatments that we are seeing among both doctors and patients indicates huge potential for any players entering this market with new therapy options.”

GfK will be sharing further insights on dermatology at the World Congress of Dermatology June 8-13 in Vancouver, Canada, via a Feature Poster on “Analysis of physician and patient perceptions of chronic hand eczema –   a global survey.”

About the research survey

GfK Disease Atlas for atopic dermatitis covers eight countries, delivering patient level data from over 4,000 pediatric and adult atopic dermatitis patients, together with insights from over 800 physicians. Similar programs are also available for acne, psoriasis or rheumatology.