23 February 2018: Renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr Mitchel Goldman unveiled the globally-patented technology behind CALECIM® Professional — a new, breakthrough stem-cell based cosmeceutical range soon being launched in the UK.

Speaking at an exclusive breakfast symposium during the Royal Society of Medicine Aesthetics 10 Conference, Dr Goldman outlined how this unique, ethically sourced cord-lining stem cell (CLSC) technology has been utilised within cosmeceutical skincare, as well as FDA clinical trials for wound-healing. “CALECIM® truly delivers an exciting step-change in aesthetic clinical practice; offering the medical wound-healing benefits of stem cell proteins within a cosmeceutical skin rejuvenation range,” says Dr Goldman.

Unique, Patented Stem Cell Technology

The pivotal technology harnessed by CALECIM® Professional is called Cord Lining Conditioned Media (CLCM).  This comprises a mix of two types of potent stem cell strains (epithelial and mesenchymal) which are ethically and harmlessly harvested from the umbilical cord lining of New Zealand deer. Over 12 billion stem cells can be harvested from a single cord lining, and these can then be re-grown in the lab, meaning that there are ample stem cells available for the formulation of CALECIM® Professional’s concentrated active ingredient. These cord lining stem cells secrete a potent mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines (this mix is named Cord Lining Conditioned Media), which direct skin cells to behave in a “youthful” manner. They do this by sending signals that help increase glycoprotein production (e.g. hyaluronic acid), encourage cell mobility, and activate cells to divide or self-destruct, effectively restoring a healthy epidermal cell turnover.[i],[ii] The CALECIM® Professional system is designed as a perfect adjunct to in-clinic procedures as well as an ongoing homecare regimen, to accelerate healing after procedures, decrease post-procedure erythema and enhance skin rejuvenation with increased elasticity, decreased epidermal wrinkling and normalization of epidermal pigmentation.

UK Launch of CALECIM® Professional

CALECIM® Professional has already been rapidly adopted by many aesthetic practices in Singapore, Asia and the United States, thanks to the extraordinary efficacy and proven clinical results in targeting the symptoms of ageing skin. The official UK aesthetic industry launch of CALECIM® Professional will be taking place at the Aesthetic Conference & Exhibition (ACE) in London, on the 27th & 28th of April.

There will be an expert-led masterclass session, during which delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about this paradigm-shifting technology and see the before and after results of CALECIM® Professional use in aesthetic clinical practice.