As part of the 2017 Beauty Price Index, compares the cost of breast augmentation, and 15 other cosmetic products and services, in 50 countries to reveal the price of beauty around the world

  • India offers the least expensive breast augmentation procedures
  • The most expensive  breast augmentation procedures are found in Switzerland
  • Belgium is the least expensive country in Europe, Ecuador in South America, and India in Asia
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures as a whole are most affordable in Latin America and South Asia

Mexico City, Mexico, 26/07/2017 –  Latin America’s leading e-Commerce platform has released a study detailing the most and least expensive countries for breast augmentation. The study is part of the company’s 2017 Beauty Price Index, comparing the cost of several in-demand beauty products and services across 50 countries. Linio undertook the research to better understand global economic trends in the multi-billion beauty industry.

India offered the least expensive breast augmentation procedures, at an average $1.650. At the other end of the scale, Switzerland offered the most expensive procedure and  $10.434. Reasons behind such disparity largely boil down to general costs of living, where rent, medical fees and other livings costs combine to increase overall procedure costs.

“At Linio, we place a high value on transparency with our customers, and we hope that our index helps people more confidently interpret variations in costs associated with beauty around the world,” Andreas Mjelde Linio’s CEO said. “Increasingly, the average citizen is a global one, and with a better understanding of global markets comes empowerment to travel, shop, and live smarter.”


The five most and least expensive countries for breast augmentation are:

Most Expensive Countries Least Expensive Countries
# Country Cost # Country Cost
50 Switzerland $10,434 1 India $1,650
49 USA $9,162 2 China $1,850
48 Singapore $9,018 3 Ecuador $1,985
47 New Zealand $8,673 4 Argentina $2,220
46 Venezuela $7,500 5 Vietnam $2,227


Below is a ranking of Central and South American countries, with Ecuador the most affordable country:


# Country Cost
1 Ecuador $1,985
2 Argentina $2,220
3 Brazil $2,645
4 Mexico $2,754
5 Colombia $3,000
6 Uruaguay $3,010
7 Peru $3,245
8 Panama $3,700
9 Guatemala $4,300
10 Chile $5,201
11 Venezuela $7,500


The full results of the ranking can be found on’s results page here: