Premium skincare brand, U.SK Under Skin recently unveiled its latest, skin-enhancing innovation, Advanced Hydra Acids, in the U.S. market. This product is the latest addition to U.SK Under Skin’s Anti-Aging line which features luxurious, physician-backed cosmeceuticals focused on reducing, preventing and reversing the signs of aging as well as restoring epithelial relief to achieve uniquely healthy and beautiful skin. 

For those who would like to shed that dry layer of winter skin or may be looking for a milder alternative to a chemical peel, Advanced Hydra Acids is a hydrating illuminator balm that promotes cell renovation, maintains the thickness and barrier function of the outer layer of the skin too it maintains hydration, and homogenizes and brighten skin’s overall appearance. Formulated with a blend of alpha and poly hydroxy acids, which offer less irritation and work well even on oilier skin types, Advanced Hydra Acids breaks down dead skin cells, resulting in a natural exfoliation with little to no peeling.  

“We are very excited to launch the Advanced Hydra Acids balm in the U.S. market,” says Andre Freund, co-founder and CEO of Under Skin U.S. “Working in conjunction with our team of skincare experts, we have created a product that provides effective chemical exfoliation without the irritation, which gives patients the glowing, soft and hydrated skin they desire.”  

“Alpha hydroxy acids are common ingredients in skincare products, however Hydra Acids is different in that it also incorporates poly hydroxy acids, which are fairly new in the industry,” says Cristi DiBernardo, U.SK Under Skin U.S. product manager. “The poly hydroxy acids are like alpha hydroxy, but gentler and they provide hydration to avoid the irritation and flaking commonly seen in these types of products.” 

In addition to this unique acid blend, the product’s formula uses low-weight hyaluronic acid, which enables easy absorption, and rhamnose rich polysaccharides, to hydrate and stimulate collagen and elastin, leading to reduced inflammation and redness.Unlike other alpha hydroxy acid products in the market, Advanced Hydra Acids also incorporates U.SK Under Skin’s patented Pro-Skin Calming complex which soothes and desensitizes the skin while maintaining the efficacy of the alpha and poly hydroxy acid blend.   

After just seven days of use, patients will see increased cellular renewal, significant improvement of texture and luminosity, and a drastic reduction in perception of wrinkles and expression lines.  

Products in the U.SK Anti-Aging and U.SK Revitalizing lines are only available through authorized physicians, in an effort to offer consumers education and trustworthy skincare information from trained physicians and their staff. Products from the brand’s Cleansing and Toning line can be purchased online through U.SK Under Skin’s website.  

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