AN INNOVATION IN CHEMICAL PEELING, DP Dermaceuticals presents ÜBER — the world’s first anabolic meso-peel with patented peel-mulsion™ technology. Expertly engineered for immediate application following micro-needling procedures, peel-mulsion™ ingenuity suspends water and oil soluble actives to unlock their most potent potential. The biphasic solutions deliver effortless absorption and activation without de-greasing the skin. With buffered depth control, the ÜBER system ensures the ultimate in fractional regeneration and predictable procedural outcome. With 2 specialised peeling products, they may be used individually or in combination to enhance micro-needling treatments. Procedural versatility enables superior focus to treat rhytids, dyschromia, acne and all forms of atrophic scars. 

A pharmacological innovation

The bioavailability of hydrophilic agents reduces in effect due to the skin’s water-in-oil acid mantle. Limited absorption deactivates chemical potential and subsequent results. Whilst traditional pre-peel prep such as de-greasing the skin have tried to increase ingredient delivery, follicular lipids block deeper penetration.

Only the ÜBER peeling system combines dimethyl isosorbide, an emulsifying carrier to precisely blend hydrophilic actives into an oil soluble emulsion. This peel-mulsion™ technology offers a pharmacological innovation to unlock and maximise the potential of each active element.

A buffering compound including a b-lipoxy acid encapsulates the peeling actives to promote dosed release. This capsule effect manipulates molecular weight and decreases viscosity for predictable and safe administration.

The poly-active formulae turn ‘on’ the skin’s switch without aggressive percentages or unnecessary patient downtime. Dermapen micro-needling physically facilitates effective absorption to anabolically deposit and active ingredient actives — this fractional delivery system leaves the epidermis in-tact. With a self-neutralising effect, downtime and discomfort are significantly reduced or removed.


ÜBER peeling system may be applied to most skin types and ethnicities. Patients should prepare and maintain their skin daily with Dp Dermaceuticals. 

Two peels for specialised solutions 

  • Containing mandelic, lactic, pyruvic, ferulic and kojic acids, the peel-mulsion™ formula is fortified with potent retinaldehyde, copper peptides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Characterised by a vibrant yellow hue, the jelly consistency delivers controlled application for superficial penetration. With re-texturising, tyrosinase-inhibiting and keratolytic properties, ÜBER PRO is suitable for post-needling application that treats and targets: 
  • Aged complexions 
  • Dyschromia 
  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Melasma 
  • Milia 
  • Acne Stages 1–3. 
  • Simply apply with a brush or gauze following a Dermapen procedure. Activate for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. 
  • ÜBER MD 
  • A revolutionary innovation blends b-lipoxy with trichloroacetic acids. Retinaldehyde, pyruvic and salicylic acids further enhance predictable, medium-depth delivery and release. The peel-mulsion™ formula creates micro-meso delivery to ingeniously fill and regenerate atrophied tissue. Auto-frosting reliably denatures cellular protein for single-application reliability. An immediate self-neutralising effect delivers the ultimate in procedural control. ÜBER Stick administration removes the risk of collateral damage. ÜBER MD is suitable for post-needling application to treat and target: 
  • Deep rhytids 
  • Post-acne rolling, boxcar and ice pick scars 
  • Atrophic striae 
  • Dilated pores. 

Simply apply with an ÜBER Stick following a Dermapen procedure. This unique application ensures the ultimate in localised precision.

ÜBER PRO & MD: bio-chemical warfare against imperfections.