GC Aesthetics, the global leader in key markets (ex. North America) in the breast implant space announces the continued success of IMPLEO, with the product establishing itself as a product  best seller across the globe.

The highly coveted product is made of a unique SiloGel Twist™ gel which combines a soft yet form stable gel to deliver an implant that is both natural to the touch, yet able to keep to its desired shape and consistency. In the past, surgeons had to pick either natural touch or form, but with IMPLEO they are able to have both.

IMPLEO has quickly captured the attention of leading surgeons who have eagerly adopted the implant, safe in the knowledge that they can now offer their patients the best of both worlds – an implant that is soft yet stable.

Commenting on the success, Ayse Kocak CEO of GC Aesthetics explains:

“The IMPLEO implant is a true innovation within the implant sector. The flexible design allows the product to behave in a very unique way. A soft implant that is stable in form and doesn’t fracture when twisted.

The success of IMPLEO further cements our reputation as a global leading company that prides itself on setting the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to innovation, quality and care. We consistently strive to create products that both surgeons and consumers crave, and IMPLEO is just one example of this.

By listening to what our customers say, our R&D teams have been able to create a product that specifically delivers based on what our customers need, and the proof is in the outstanding response to IMPLEO which has been hugely rewarding. Our commitment to innovate in the sector for the better is something we pride ourselves on. We look forward to creating the future of breast implant together with our customers.”