Consentz, a developer of medical practice software, announces the launch of the Consentz 2.0, a radical upgrade to practice management software to improve the efficiency, profitability and patient experience of medical clinics and hospitals operating in the UK.

The complete solution for medical practices Consentz have designed an integrated management solution, including customerrelationship management (CRM) software, to enable healthcare practices to manage all aspects of their practice, from patient access and consultations, to billing and stock reporting from a single integrated software solution.

The clinician-patient relationship is at the heart of good medicine Consentz now offers a range of tools and features that help enhance the relationship between clinicians and patients. It helps clinicians fully understand the needs andaspirations of their patients and increases the patient’s understanding of the services a clinic provides. Clinicians also have a simple single access for consultation, photographic records, calendars, messaging and reporting that helps save clinicians and support staff vast amounts of time with a fast, simple, paperless service.

Furthermore, this will allow clinicians to devote more time and resources to care for their patients, and reduce costs and expense of data and administrative management. In addition, the patient experience is significantly enhanced through the use of a Patient App, which can share treatment plans, consultation notes and photos, announce special offers and remind patients of their next appointment.

For clinicians by clinicians

Designed to be applicable across the healthcare sector, Consentz is initially specifically aiming its solutions at aesthetics practices. Created for clinicians by clinicians, the software has been developed by an award winning aesthetic doctor and the ex CFO of a blue-chip company; marrying the business needs of healthcare clinicians, and the innovative solutions provided by the technology sector.

“I was spending more time managing the administration from my aesthetic clinic, than the interests of my patients, despite using clinic software. Wanting to expand my business, I needed to improve efficiency, data management, patient management and marketing. My husband and I wanted to improve the way we ran the practice and developed a solution that we realized solved considerable challenges across the aesthetics, and healthcare sector,” said Dr Natalie Blakely, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Consentz. “Consentz after five years now encompasses a team of medical, technical and business experts and has developed a suite of software solutions enabling healthcare practices to manage administration, marketing, management, data and risk in a secure, flexible and easy to use environment.”

Safe and Simple for Success

Aesthetic practices by their nature have an increased amount of data to manage, including photos and visual records of patient treatments. With increasing demands of time, increasing data protection requirements, increasing medical-legal claims it is essential for clinicians to have a safe and secure place to store and manage their data.

The aesthetic industry statistically has a high number of SME practices with less budget for specific administrative managers. This results in clinicians multi-tasking between practicing and management. The risks of losing data and incurring fines through poor management, back-ups or security, including paper patient records is higher for the aesthetics sector. Consentz provides a safe and secure environment of all clinic’s data requirements.

As Consentz is ISO27001 accredited, the international standard on information security and management, as well as a G-Cloud approved supplier for the UK government’s digital marketplace. Consentz regularly tests its security with a global third party security company, and all data is encrypted.