Dr. Win L. Chiou, a world-renowned authority in pharmacokinetics, an expert in dermatology and a former FDA consultant, has recently published a commentary questioning some widely accepted aging and anti-aging theories in the last century and postulated his new aging theories and anti-aging strategies in The Scientific Pages of Dermatology (TSPD). Chiou said this may have many very important implications and applications in future aging and anti-aging research. This and his other recent breakthroughs are disclosed.

Classical Cumulative Oxidative Stress/Accelerated Aging Theories Questioned
Surprisingly, these important classical theories were not supported by results from his critical analyses of reported aging data of human hearts and skin from a large number of normal subjects over many decades of lifespan. Some implications are:  Generally, our skin and heart actually don’t age faster as we get older as predicted from these accelerated aging theories. Also, we may have over-emphasized the use of purified anti-oxidants in dietary supplements to combat aging. This is because oxidative stress has been traditionally regarded as the culprit of our aging.


Classical Photoaging Theory Questioned: Intrinsic Aging as Root Cause
The photoaging theory claims that exposure to sunlight contributes about 80% of our skin aging. Chiou astoundingly found that sun exposure had no noticeable effects on the aging of skin collagen and superficial capillaries in their lifetime. Furthermore, age spots, commonly assumed to result from photoaging, were frequently found to occur on thighs, forearms and backs in seniors that were rarely exposed to sunlight. Chiou asked: Do we need to re-evaluate general recommendations that we should wear sunscreens as a daily ritual when we go outdoors? How much SPF number do we really need? This is especially significant because exposure to sunlight has many important health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, and increasing the immune system and vitamin D synthesis. These benefits are known to far outweigh the risks such as skin cancer.

New Cardiac-Output-Reduction Aging Theory:  Utmost Importance of Cellular Nutrients in Determining Cellular/Tissue Aging

Chiou postulated a new theory that since our heart pumps nutrient-carrying blood to various organs/tissues to sustain their vitality, therefore, cardiac output should be closely related to our life expectancy and general health. Chiou said that we age mainly because our cardiac output decreases and cellular levels of nutrients in peripheral tissues also decrease with age. Cardiac output peaks at about age 12. By age 40 and 80, it can decrease very significantly by 30% and 49% respectively. Hence, Chiou postulated that one effective approach to combat body aging and to increase longevity is to increase cardiac output through stem-cell rejuvenation and to increase tissue nutrients. In other words, aging is reversible!!

New Theories for Formation of Wrinkles and Age Spots:  Intrinsic Aging as Root Causes
For the first time, Chiou theorized that formation of wrinkles in aged adults results from body’s defense mechanism in order to reduce effective surface area for minimizing environmental assaults. And the formation of age spots mainly results from birth defects and later acquired injuries in superficial capillaries that nourish the skin. Hence these disorders are generally first initiated by intrinsic aging. Sunlight may hasten the above problems. Chiou noted that young children and youths with healthy skin may stay outdoors unprotected daily for months or years without developing age spots or wrinkles.

New Strategy to Combat and Reverse Skin Aging:  Stem-Cell Rejuvenation
Just as water can revitalize a dry wilted flower, an aging-reversing phenomenon, Chiou has developed a unique proprietary body-natural™ (ingredients being natural in our body) nutritional serum, Eternal Spring Serum (ESS), to be topically applied daily to rejuvenate our skin. Surprisingly, the firming and tightening effects are almost universally observed in all users. A stunning example is shown in his wife, Linda Chiou, who has used the product for more than 10 years and rarely used sunscreens. At age 75, her skin seems much better than many others 25 to 35 years younger (Figure 1). Many friends noticed her skin-age-reversing phenomenon. It is reasoned that the ESS must work via rejuvenation of stem or progenitor cells in the skin. Currently, skin reversal is considered by dermatologists as impossible to achieve. Therefore, the ESS represents a historical breakthrough in combating skin aging.

Growth Acceleration and Regeneration of Human Nails:  Stem-Cell Rejuvenation
Liquid preparations containing body-natural™ nutrients have been shown to quickly accelerate nail growth or to regenerate new nails after nail injury in numerous subjects. This may be the first of its kind ever reported (patent pending). Such effects are also postulated to be due to stem-cell/progenitor cell rejuvenation. Interestingly, this approach also helps grow new hair on Dr. Chiou’s decades-old baldhead.

Dr. Chiou is an editor for TSPD, and is organizing a Special Issue on “Aging and Anti-Aging”.  He was a former university professor for 36 years. Dr. Chiou is currently President of Winlind Skincare LLC and Chiou Consulting Inc.  His detailed biography is available at the TSPD website. For inquiries or licensing, Dr. Chiou can be reached at [email protected].