Sinclair Pharma PLC announces a new consensus review on Silhouette InstaLift®, a minimally invasive procedure to lift the midface, published in the June 2018 issue of Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), which expands on leading practices for generating ideal patient outcomes with absorbable suture suspension.

The two-year review paper, led by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc and Mark Nestor, MD, PhD from Miami, builds upon a 2017 consensus paper on the safety and efficacy of absorbable suspension sutures while providing updated guidance to help obtain high clinician and patient satisfaction. The update explores emerging developments in absorbable suture suspension for best outcomes, including:

  • Highlighting the qualities of the ideal candidate
  • Advice for pre-treatment planning
  • Suture placement
  • Post-procedure care to maximize patient satisfaction and results

After receiving 510(k) clearance from the FDA in 2015, Silhouette InstaLift became the only available non-surgical technique with a dual mechanism of action cleared for repositioning of facial tissue. With its dual mechanisms of action, the absorbable suspension suture, Silhouette InstaLift, delivers an immediate lift followed by an ongoing volumizing effect that improves over time.

Prior to this, the primary tool to address volume loss and skin laxity was a surgical facelift or placement of a permanent suture that required more invasive techniques. Fillers can be used to restore volume, but are not designed to reposition tissue, creating a void of non-invasive options to address sagging facial skin.

Silhouette InstaLift fills a very important gap in our treatment armamentarium: it provides a minimally invasive option for tissue repositioning within the face,” says Dr. Lorenc. “Utilizing absorbable suspension sutures as a recontouring treatment, rather than as a basic lifting technique or surrogate for a surgical facelift, and establishing that expectation prior to treatment is critical for meeting patient expectations to help ensure high patient satisfaction.”

Dr. Nestor adds, “Candidates for absorbable suspension sutures often desire repositioning of facial tissue beyond what fillers can provide but may not be a candidate for a surgical facelift. These patients often wish to delay a full surgical procedure for personal or financial reasons, don’t wish to undergo surgery, require minimal down time, or may have already have had a facelift and wish to extend the results.”

Silhouette InstaLift is uniquely designed to allow tissue repositioning of the mid-face and facial recontouring. Silhouette InstaLift also provides revolumizing due to the use of PLGA as the material for both the sutures and the cones. Recovery time following suture placement is minimal, and results are long lasting.

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About Silhouette InstaLift
Silhouette InstaLift is indicated for use in mid-face suspension surgery to temporarily fixate the cheek sub-dermis in an elevated position.

Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally-invasive, resorbable suspension suture with bi- directional cones. The sutures lift and reposition subdermal tissue while the bi- directional cones hold the suture and facial skin in an elevated position. The suture and cone material are both made of glycolide / L-lactide (PLGA) and over time they stimulate fibroblasts for gradual collagen maturation and are designed to reposition volume in the mid-face with a goal of a natural-looking result.