SmartGraft®, a minimally invasive and permanent hair restoration treatment from the U.S.A. is proud to announce their partnership with Samson Medical Technologies to introduce their innovative technology in Australia. This expansion makes SmartGraft the first and only automated suction assisted hair restoration device on the continent.

Already a leader in the US and EU markets, SmartGraft is TGA certified in Australia and marks a revolution in hair restoration for both men and women. There is no scalpel incision, virtually no pain, no stitches and no linear scar.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Lisa Friederich, in Sydney, Australia, “We are honored to be the first practice in Sydney to introduce SmartGraft, the premier technology on the market, to our patients. Hair loss affects men and women of all ages and with all hair types. We will now be able to offer hair restoration for our male and female patients discreetly and in less time than many other FUE methods.”

SmartGraft uses state of the art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technologies and techniques. During the procedure, using only local anesthesia, individual grafts are gently removed one by one from the donor area using an advanced (smart) handpiece. With minimally invasive FUE harvesting of individual follicular units for transplantation, SmartGraft allows patients a faster, more comfortable, less restricted recovery phase compared to traditional linear “strip” harvesting.

Since no wide-shave of the donor area is required, SmartGraft empowers physicians to execute traditional transplants for male pattern hair loss, as well as specialty transplants like female hairline lowering, temple restoration, eyebrow transplantation, beard and body hair harvesting, as well as smaller “no shave” FUE procedures from the scalp for male and female patients. With SmartGraft, patients can return to normal activities without the need to cover up a scar during the healing process.

“FUE and the semi-automation of SmartGraft is a game changer for us in Australia,” shares Andrew Nutman, CEO of Samson Medical Technologies. “We are very excited about the availability of this innovative technology and are eager to work with the SmartGraft team to bring cutting-edge hair restoration capabilities to our physicians.”

“We have worked directly with Andrew Nutman and Samson Medical Technologies and are impressed with their level of professionalism and support for their physician clients,” says Cynthia Rager, President and COO of SmartGraft. “We look forward to increasing SmartGraft’s presence throughout Australia while helping to educate medical professionals on this breakthrough technology as well as patients on the outstanding and life-altering outcomes they can achieve.”


SmartGraft makes hair replacement a more accessible, effective and realistic option than ever before for both men and women with hair loss, delivering natural-looking outcomes with minimal downtime. When expertly performed, the treatment is quick, comfortable and permanent.


About Vision Medical

Vision Medical, Inc. is a leading USA manufacturer that develops and markets medical and aesthetic technology products for the medical and aesthetic markets for worldwide distribution. Vision Medical’s first commercial product, the SmartGraft® Hair Restoration System, uses minimally-invasive vacuum assisted FUE technology for men and women. SmartGraft keeps the newly harvested grafts chilled, hydrated & robust without any exposure to outside air for optimal graft preservation. To learn more about SmartGraft and its technology, visit