Prof. Chiara Schiraldi describes the new patented technology and its advantages, while Dr. Annalisa Beatini shares a new technique, the protocol and results of the first multicenter evaluation behind this innovative new product PROFHILO®.

PROFHILO® is the new product presented by IBSA, a pharmaceutical company and leader in the production of hyaluronic acid (HA), owing to its complete control of the entire HA life cycle from the production of the raw material to the finished product.

IBSA, through its extensive scientific knowledge regarding HA, has developed a new patented technology of stabilized hybrid complexes, making available a concentration of 64 mg of hyaluronic acid in one pre-filled syringe.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that has been studied and used for a long time, the characteristics and benefits of which are universally recognized. So, what can be added to everything that is already known about this formidable substance?

PROFHILO®: technology and innovation with complete safety

In particular, the production of unique, stable molecular hybrids proven feasible through a specific procedure involving a thermal treatment. Thanks to this new patented technology, the combination 32 mg of high molecular weight HA between 1100–1400 kDa (H-HA) and 32 mg of low molecular weight HA between 80–100 kDa (L-HA) has been made possible. Concentrations of hyaluronan in one syringe (64 mg in 2 ml), while maintaining complete manageability, has been unimaginable until now in this new product called PROFHILO®.

PROFHILO® generates a new method of intervention which, through a single infiltration solution, allows the levels of endogenous HA to be integrated with equal concentrations of high and low weight HA hybrids.

The combined action of the hybrids associates the regenerating trophic effect of the L-HA on the epidermis (HYDRO effect), and the plastic modeling effect of the dermis (LIFT effect) carried out by the H-HA; Hydrolift® Action.

The PROFHILO® technology, in addition to supporting Hydrolift® Action by integrating the levels of endogenous hyaluronic acid, is able to optimize the Hydrolift® Action thanks to the presence of the stabilized hybrid complexes.

In fact, PROFHILO® offers:

  • A prolonged action1: PROFHILO® hybrid complex has been proven to protect the high molecular weight HA (> 1000kDa) present in the complex, reducing the degradation by eight times that of H-HA alone
  • A high concentration of hyaluronic acid (32 mg/1 ml) with maximum manageability1: The lower dynamic viscosity obtained in PROFHILO®, with respect to HA alone, permits the use of a 29 G needle with a superior homogeneous spreading in the dermis
  • Reduced inflammation1: The low molecular weight is slowly released from the hybrid network and therefore, the first inflammatory cytokines (TGF-β) are not upregulated, lowering the overall inflammatory cascade, or limiting the first ‘inflammation’ phase to a positive light shock to ‘sleeping/tired’ cells.

Highly biocompatible: PROFHILO® is in fact, a highly purified natural hyaluronic acid which does not contain chemicals (cross-linking agents) to modify the structure, therefore reducing the risk of adverse reactions.


Thanks to its unique characteristics, PROFHILO® provides a new tool to combat facial skin ageing: bioremodeling, or the ability to act on skin laxity.

Bioremodeling differs from traditional biorejuvenation for three main reasons:

  • Reduced number of injection points
  • The time necessary for each treatment session
  • Immediate results sustained longer over time.

The BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) technique

The BAP technique was studied in IBSA’s laboratories and was further developed by a team of trusted physicians and surgeons, resources essential to understand the overall demands from the market, to the users of the products (the physicians) to those of the patients.

In developing the BAP technique five injection sites on each side of the face were identified using a selection criteria which minimizes risks and maximizes the spreadability. The injection points were therefore selected in secure areas far from major vessels, and in an area promoting great diffusion of the product.

PROFHILO® can thus be injected 0.2 ml per point in the deep dermis using the bolus technique, with a smooth release of the substance (easily extrudable with a 29 G needle) given its low viscosity. It is recommended to inject slowly to minimize any pain symptoms caused by immediate tissue distension.

The positioning of the BAP in the malar and submalar areas; at the root of the nasolabial fold, in the pre-tragal and in the area of the marionette lines, has allowed us to treat with great results not only these areas, prone to dermal atrophy caused by the ageing phenomena, but the whole malar-submalar area, with an overall improvement in the appearance of the face, with increased firmness, elasticity, and brightness of the skin, reducing the most superficial wrinkles to the deep nasolabial folds.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-13 kl. 14.46.09

The protocol

The molecular structure of stabilized hybrid complexes, resulting in a product with excellent resistance to hyaluronidase and more lasting than other natural HA, allowed us to formulate an innovative protocol:

  • T0: First treatment
  • T1: second treatment 1 month after the first treatment
  • T2: control + third maintenance treatment 2 months after the second treatment

It is recommended to repeat this protocol two times per year.

With this new technique we have therefore; reduced and spaced the number of sessions (monthly instead of weekly, as in traditional bio-stimulation), diminished the pain symptoms and the onset of complications such as bruising and hematomas, resulting in greater comfort and better patient compliance.

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The results

A multicenter evaluation performed on 60 patients (average age 52: from 37–65 years old), using the BAP technique and following the protocol as described above, showed high satisfaction for both the physician and the patient already after the first treatment, with very rare cases of minor adverse events (minor localized bruising, redness and soreness)1.Skärmavbild 2015-04-13 kl. 14.46.54