• The new product was announced today during the prestigious AMWC – Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress – in Monte Carlo
  • IBSA Derma enhances the concept of authentic beauty, valuing the individual as a whole and addressing the need for an offer of products intended for the body
  • Clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of the new PROFHILO® BODY in counteracting skin laxity and improving surface hydration and elasticity

Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco, September 18 2021 – IBSA Derma, the dermo-aesthetic division of IBSA Farmaceutici, presents today, on the occasion of the prestigious AMWC – Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress – in Monte Carlo, an innovative solution specifically designed for the body: PROFHILO® BODY KIT, an all-round and targeted approach for the treatment of skin laxity. Backed by its expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine and in the production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, IBSA Derma advocates greater attention to body care, equal to that devoted to the face, coming forward as a key partner for all physicians who wish to offer their patients non-invasive treatments to enhance authentic beauty, including that of the body.

A study carried out by Kantar Health* on behalf of IBSA Derma on a panel of distinguished doctors and their patients has shown that the face accounts for about 80% of the time devoted to aesthetic medicine treatments, with only the remaining 20% taken up by the body.

Interviews clearly show that patients see body treatments with a certain “detachment”, fuelled both by uncertainty about potential solutions – knowledge is fragmented, inconsistent and inaccurate, and it is not always clear who to contact to find answers – and by the shortcomings of the existing offer, which currently requires significant efforts and lengthy treatments, that may at times even be painful, and with results that are often perceived as unsatisfactory considering the costs incurred. At the same time, doctors believe that Aesthetic Medicine for the body is still an unattractive area, at present mainly resorting to Plastic Surgery or Energy Devices, treatments that are not always easily accessible to everyone, thus also directing their attention towards the face.

This scenario thus leads women to perceive their desire to work on their bodies in a non-explicit, almost latent way, with strong repercussions on their everyday lives: they no longer feel comfortable with their bodies, they feel inadequate in their outfits, abandoning sleeveless garments in favour of those that cover up more, and they change their habits when these involve “uncovering themselves” in front of others (e.g. sunbathing during the summer). The resulting sense of frustration is further exacerbated by the passing of time, which makes the situation worse, especially in critical areas such as the inner arms and abdomen.

Finally, the study shows an alignment between the physician’s and the patient’s views on the treatment of skin laxity. Both expect the following: absence of side effects, firming and toning efficacy, with therefore greater skin elasticity and firmness, and long-lasting results.

As stated by Dr Andrea Margara, (Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), “the number of requests by patients for body treatments remains low and it is also up to us doctors to foster this demand. IBSA Derma is addressing a need on the market and I now know what I can offer as a complete treatment to counteract existing skin laxity and prevent its onset. PROFHILO® BODY KIT is a quality treatment that offers immediate results at affordable costs and that delivers long-lasting efficacy.”

IBSA Derma enhances the beauty of each person as a whole, including the body, as set out in its Manifesto and wants to be the benchmark in the world of aesthetic medicine for the treatment of skin laxity and bio-remodelling.

IBSA Derma’s all-round approach for the Body

IBSA Derma offers specialists the PROFHILO®BODY KIT, a comprehensive solution for the treatment of body skin laxity that includes both the complete protocol of the PROFHILO® BODY injectable medical device and the PROFHILO® FIGURA BODY PATCH and BODY CREAM** cosmetics. The programme involves two sessions with the PROFHILO® BODY injectable medical device at the clinician’s practice at a one-month interval and the post-session application of patches to soothe and moisturise the skin in the treated areas. In between these two sessions, the patient can use the cream at home to prolong efficacy over time.

PROFHILO® BODY, the new Medical Device

Is the ONLY injectable treatment on the market specifically designed for the treatment of body skin laxity and is particularly recommended for the brachial area and abdomen.

PROFHILO BODY® is characterised by high and low molecular weight Stable Cooperative Hybrid Complexes (HCC) of high concentration Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid, produced using a unique and innovative thermal production process patented by IBSA, the NAHYCO® Technology.

In addition, IBSA Derma has designed and validated a dedicated “photographic laxity scale” for the inner arms, a useful tool for doctor-patient dialogue that will facilitate assessing the level of laxity and therefore the type of outcome to be expected.

Efficacy demonstrated by clinical studies

The efficacy of PROFHILO® BODY on mild to moderate skin laxity and roughness of the abdomen and inner arm has been clinically proven***.

In the abdomen, 4 months after starting the treatment, a 23% statistically significant improvement in skin roughness and laxity was found.

Also, skin surface hydration increased, both in the inner arm (+17.1%) and in the abdomen (+16.1%), already after one month of treatment, as did elasticity: inner arm +26.6% and abdomen +24% after 4 months. Moreover, data confirm an improvement of 12% in the laxity scale of the inner arm one month after the first session and of 29% after 4 months, with an important and statistically significant reduction in all profilometric indicators (27.2% from the first session), indicative of a more toned and re-densified skin.

With PROFHILO® BODY, the company aims to extend the attention and care currently devoted to the face to the body, with a targeted innovative product, so as to address the universal need of rediscovering beauty, that which reflects every individual’s authenticity, because for IBSA Derma Each one of us is a Masterpiece.

* Kantar Health study conducted in 2018-2019.

** Details in the product sheet.

*** “Aesthetic performance and tolerance evaluation of an Injective intradermal treatment for the skin roughness and laxity of Inner arm and abdomen”, submitted


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IBSA Derma

IBSA Derma is IBSA’s dermo-aesthetic division. The foundations on which IBSA Derma has sustained its growth on national and international markets, anticipating the needs of doctors and patients, are pharmaceutical expertise, technological know-how and an innovative and dynamic market approach. IBSA Derma’s approach, with its comprehensive range of Viscoderm®, Profhilo® and Aliaxin® products is developed on the basis of the Hydrolift® Action concept. Thanks to an innovative use of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, positioned globally in the “top high quality” range for its purity and safety, IBSA Derma is redefining beauty standards by enhancing the authenticity of each and every individual, because Everyone is a Masterpiece.