An interdisciplinary medical team of 16 including six AAFPRS facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon members will soon travel to the Ukraine on a medical mission to assist those with facial injuries suffered because of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

The AAFPRS, with its extensive network of board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons, is working to partner with local organizations in Ukraine and adjacent countries to share members’ expertise in the management of complex facial injuries and to send facial plastic surgeons into a safe environment where care can be provided to those who are injured and in need of reconstructive and urgent facial surgery services. The AAFPRS will also treat injured Ukrainian refugees, providing pro bono care through its network of FACE TO FACE members.

FACE TO FACE is coordinating with various organizations including Razom, and Dr. Ivanka Nebor, founder of InGenius, as well as individuals on the ground in Ukraine, to get a better understanding of how AAFPRS members can safely and productively assist with local partners.  
This trip was initiated by AAFPRS member and facial plastic surgeon John Frodel, MD. “When I started watching the horrors that were happening in Ukraine at the end of February, I couldn’t help but think that this was going to be very bad, as it involved over 100,000 invading Russian troops. It became obvious that there were going to be many soldiers and civilians involved with potentially devastating injuries. It seemed to be a time for FACE TO FACE to offer some assistance.”

FACE TO FACE Committee Chair Manoj Abraham, MD immediately assembled a group of AAFPRS physicians with experience in organizing and conducting medical trips around the world. Dr. Abraham has extensive experience in this area and has been instrumental in orchestrating medical trips to Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, India and multiple other international sites. AAFPRS President, Dr. Corey Maas, MD, among others, will also make the trip.