Dr. David Amron, the globally renowned liposuction specialist surgeon and founder of The Roxbury Institute, announced today the launch of Natural Def Lipo™ (NDL), a new sensible alternative to High Def Lipo, designed to be the most patient-friendly liposuction in the world.

Created in response to changing patient attitudes towards liposuction and steeped in Dr. Amron’s career-long commitment to achieving harmony and balance in body contouring, NDL focuses on circumferential sculpting and maintaining the overall proportion of the body to create natural-looking results that last.

“In over 25 years and 10,000 surgeries exclusively specializing in liposuction, patient well-being and achieving perfect proportion have always been central to my approach,” said Dr. Amron.

“Natural Def Lipo is the latest and most advanced manifestation of my method, but it’s also a response to a palpable shift in the way that people view their bodies. I’ve noticed over the last few years an increased patient demand for natural-looking results. We’re seeing people turning their back on exaggerated body types in favor of less extreme looks and more natural balance.”

“Beyond that, the general trend towards holistic treatments and placing a priority on overall well-being makes NDL – which is a far less invasive procedure than HDL – perfect for the kind of lipo today’s patients are looking for. We’re helping people achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of, while also looking out for their long-term health.”

Natural Def Lipo™ explained:

  • Natural-looking results that last: Natural Def Lipo precisely sculpts in the layer between skin and muscle rather than simply sucking out fat, leaving a more natural result. By avoiding jabbing and minimizing bleeding, Natural Def Lipo minimizes recovery time and leads to lasting results.
  • Treats cosmetic units to deliver great balance and proportion: Natural Def Lipo sculpts each unit in its entirety – rather than treating isolated parts – to maintain balance and proportion of the overall body and existing cosmetic units.
  • Less aggressive and invasive: Where High Def Lipo creates ab-sculpting scars that can result in unnatural looks, Natural Def Lipo works with the body’s existing plane.
  • Avoids general anesthesia: Keeps patients conscious throughout the liposuction procedure in order to achieve optimal results as the patient works with the surgeon for proper orientation.
  • Works on a broad range of body types: Natural Def Lipo is more appropriate for a broader range of candidates compared to High Def Lipo. This includes women and those with poor skin elasticity. NDL is capable of sculpting more complex parts of the body that other surgeons sometimes avoid, like calves and ankles. Although more extreme procedures like High Def Lipo attract a wide range of people, few candidates actually qualify for the invasive procedure. Dr. Amron and his team offer in-person and remote consultations to ensure that potential patients only undergo a surgery they need.