Finalists have been selected for 2018’s most innovative product and treatments, as well as the most worthy patient-focused, professional campaigns for the Aesthetics Awards in December. 

The Barry Knapp Award for Product Innovation of the Year, supported by Medical Aesthetic Group will celebrate genuine evidence-based innovation or product advancement leading to treatment for new indications, quicker or easier treatments, better outcomes and enhanced patient safety. 

Finalists include: 

skinbetter science – AlphaRet® Overnight Cream: a combination of a retinoid and an AHA that provides visible skin rejuvenation with little-to-no irritation 

Tixel and Mezotix: produces results comparable to those achieved with fractional ablative lasers, but with significant benefits over competitive technologies 

SkinPen Precision: the only FDA-cleared microneedling pen that is biocompatible and has a protective sheath covering to protect the pen from blood contamination 

Celluma: a shape-taking light therapy device that conforms closely to the area of treatment and is FDA-cleared to treat skin and pain conditions 

Derma-Seal™: a polymer sealant that is sprayed on skin which has been punctured by a needle or cannula, forming a physical barrier to environmental contaminants 

PRX-T33: a topical biorevitalisation treatment influencing dermal stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors without causing inflammation or damage 

Cellfina: a minimally-invasive procedure that is specifically designed to address cellulite dimples at the source and provide results that last for three years 

BYONIK® Pulse-Triggered Laser: working at a cellular level, the patented method allows non-invasive lifting with the aim of visibly reducing the signs of ageing 

TSK Antimicrobial IceMask: combining pain relieving and disinfection properties for use before and after injection to deliver benefits in a single-use cellulose mask 

The PHI Clinic Award for Professional Initiative of the Year will recognise the campaign that has produced tangible outcomes for the ever-changing aesthetic specialty. 

Finalists include: 

Black Skin Directory: fostering open and honest communication in the aesthetic and skincare industry about the needs of patients of colour 

BACN and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance GDPR Campaign: a strategic partnership to deliver GDPR support to its members 

Personal Wellness Trainer: delivering awareness and education into the pyscho-social factors affecting patient motivation and consequence of aesthetic procedures 

Prevention of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine: bringing forward data and clinical guidance in the prevention and management of complications in an inclusive, consistent and evidence-based manner 

Visual Loss Management Guidance in Collaboration with Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Complications Management: producing peer-reviewed guidance that is incorporated into the teaching for aesthetic practitioners on complication management 

Welsh Aesthetic and Cosmetic Society: supporting best practice by providing training, education and innovative services to members to offer patients the best services, ultimately aiding patient safety 

Amanda Cameron, head judge, said: “The calibre of innovation and initiative within aesthetics this year is remarkable. The Aesthetics Awards, which won Silver at the Awards Awards in 2018, upholds the highest standards across the specialty and is the perfect place to celebrate and promote new developments and success in medical aesthetics. The finalists for these categories all have unique selling points which offer benefits to aesthetic practitioners and the community as a whole. We can’t wait to recognise the Winners at the ceremony on December 1!” 

Other Awards will celebrate the practitioners, clinics and companies striving for best practice and customer service in the specialty. To view all of the finalists visit