First collaboration between two industry-leading brands across cosmeceutical skincare and laser rejuvenation technologies

Hologic’s CynoSure UK division has announced a collaboration in the UK with leading cosmeceutical brand iS Clinical, to highlight the clinical and commercial benefits of a combined treatment approach incorporating superior patient outcomes alongside robust clinic commercial strategies.

During an educational event in London, the two brands will showcase a series of clinical case studies demonstrating the potential results from a combined approach of laser resurfacing treatments using the ICON laser, alongside an iS Clinical cosmeceutical skincare regimen. Speakers including Dr Tapan Patel and Miss Sherina Balaratnam presenting the theory behind the approach of cosmeceuticals and laser science and the benefit to the alongside on the rising consumer demand for in-clinic innovation.

This is the first time an aesthetic device company and a cosmeceutical brand have worked together to demonstrate the benefits of a combined treatment approach, harnessing the iS Clinical intelligent, science-driven skincare range alongside the proven results from industry-leading laser technology for skin treatment and rejuvenation.

The collaborations underlines CynoSure UK’s commitment to not only offer new technologies to customers, but also to be continually forward thinking and listening to their needs. This means continuing to deliver industry leading technology in innovative solutions that benefit patients.

Recognised for their botanically derived and active level formulations, iS Clinical can work in synergy with CynoSure laser technologies, including the PicoSure and ICON lasers

All CynoSure facial rejuvenation laser technologies can help deliver an instant result in-clinic, alongside providing long term results, and the incorporation of iS Clinical into treatment plans promises to further improve skin resilience, optimise healing, and increase the skin’s inherent renewal cycle, revealing improved skin function over time.

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