The much-anticipated 9th Edition of the Milano Masterclass (MiMa), directed by Prof. Castelnuovo and Prof. Palma, opened on the 23rd of March, 2017 for a period of 5 days of intensive lectures by global leaders in the fields of endonasal surgery and rhinoplasty.

Since its inception in 2001, the Masterclass has grown exponentially in its scope, format, and attendance, and currently holds the position of the most global meeting in its field. Fully booked throughout its duration, extra space was provided by live video-link in an adjoining lecture theatre. The packed lecture theatres from the first to last lecture of the day provided ample evidence for the popularity of the Masterclass that has been attended by attendees coming from 67 countries.

Based on the idea of a never ending search for the truth, the Welcome Note by the Director of the Rhinoplasty segment, Prof. Pietro Palma, simulated the atmosphere and images from the X-files.

Perpetually popular, the rhinoplasty Segment got to a flying start with advice from Profs. Palma and Friedman to junior surgeons on the pitfalls and risk management in rhinoplasty. A highly informative lecture by Wendy Lewis on managing the thorny issues of internet presence, marketing, and public relations in cyberspace was greatly appreciated by the audience many of whom have been bewildered by the plethora of internet options facing their budding practices.

A highly entertaining and informative debate titled “Gunfight at the OK Corral” featured the challenge of the two teams, “openers” vs ”insiders”, dressed appropriately in cowboy gear . Fortunately, the only blood shed was on celluloid only.

The interesting lectures from the Far East showed that facial plastic surgery, and specially rhinoplasty are no longer a Western operation. The unique clinical and surgical problems presented by Prof. Jung and other colleagues from the Far East displayed the truly global nature of this bewildering operation that still manages to challenge even the most expert surgeon. Similarly, Turkish surgeons provided excellent video presentations of their unique challenges a
nd techniques.

The technical difficulties of rhinoplasty were clearly demonstrated by lectures and videos on the causes and management of inverted V deformity, the reconstruction of “impossible” noses, and the re-creation of beautiful profiles and tips. “Forgotten” elements of rhinoplastic surgery such as the nasal base and the soft-tissue enveloppe were revisited with new insights.

The highlight of the social programme arrived with the Gala Dinner held in the Museum of the Diocese of Milan. Set against the magnificent paintings of Italian masters, and serenaded by live Italian opera stars, the guests were fortunate enough to sample the very best of Italian cuisine, and take their new acquaintances to the level of friendship. Many of these friendships were first established in 2001 during the inaugural Masterclass and have now blossomed into fellowships and training programs around the World.

The 10th edition of Milano Masterclass will take place in March 22-26, 2019, and already the Directors Profs. Castelnuovo and Palma have made plans to make MiMa 2019 even more exciting, spirited and engaging.