CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals (“CALECIM®”), a wholly owned subsidiary of bio-tech company CellResearch Corporation (“CRC”), has recently awarded exclusive distribution rights in Italy for its cutting‐edge cosmeceutical range to Giuliani S.p.A (“Giuliani”). This partnership represents significant revenue growth potential for 2019. Italy is the world’s fourth largest market for cosmetic procedures with close to 1 million aesthetic procedures being performed annually.

Commenting on this partnership, Gavin Tan, Chief Executive Officer of CRC, said: “This announcement marks an important step forward for CALECIM® Professional in one of the world’s biggest aesthetic markets. I am delighted that we have reached this agreement with such a renowned partner to increase the brand’s presence in this part of the world. It is an exciting start to 2019 and we mean to continue in a similar fashion throughout the year.”

Giuliani was founded over 100 years ago as a pharmaceutical company. It has a dynamic and diverse portfolio of medical and aesthetic products with a targeted scientific focus. Since 1889 Giuliani Pharma has been delivering premium pharmaceutical and skincare solutions across Italy. It will establish CALECIM® Professional’s presence in Italy through its considerable medical network and market expertise.

Stefano Franceschi, International Markets Director at Giuliani remarked that: “This partnership is an important strategic expansion of our cosmetic portfolio. A partnership with CALECIM® Professional is in line with our strategy of providing innovative healthcare and medical aesthetics solutions. We are excited about the tremendous potential of CALECIM‘s unique stem cell technology and what it can bring to the Italian market.”

CRC, the global leader in cord lining stem cell technology, was founded in 2002 and has pioneered the development of its products and businesses through extensive scientific research. Cord lining stem cell technology is patent protected in 42 territories around the world and is being developed as a therapeutic platform with multiple applications; one of which is wound healing.

CALECIM® Professional is a physician‐dispensed skincare range that derives its active ingredient from cord lining stem cells. It is designed as a perfect adjunct to in-­clinic procedures, to accelerate skin recovery, as well as part of a homecare routine to rejuvenate skin.

This agreement was closed in January 2019